Bellingcat Investigative Group released new evidence of Russia's invasion of Ukraine 06/16/2016 13:10:52. Total views 1372. Views today — 1.

Bellingcat Investigative Group released new satellite images that show the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is stated by Bellingcat article published on June 15th, - reports Ukrainska Pravda.

Photo dated back to August 26th, 2014.

"These satellite images show the deployment of Russian military vehicles and artillery positions, as well as new ways to go to Ukraine. Dates of satellite images coincide with major splash of Russian activity in Ukraine near the border crossing points, including the appearance of Russian troops in the village, located kilometers away from the border crossing," - says the report.

The report states that the satellite image as of August 23rd, 2014, doesn’t recoed this equipment. "This indicates that it appeared in the period from 23 to 26 August," - stressed Bellingcat.

Bellingcat also mentions Reuters’ information as of August 26th, 2014 which reports about appearance of dozens of "unidentified, heavily armed strangers with a Russian accent" in the village 14 km away in north-west direction from this border crossing point.

Investigators also noted that some time later ten Russian paratroopers had been arrested in Zerkalnoye village Donetsk region, they claimed that they had "been lost".