Occupied Donetsk once again experiences water shortages: water supply is scheduled every two days 12/08/2023 09:42:07. Total views 163. Views today — 0.

In the occupied Donetsk, water shortages have once again become an issue, with a new schedule promising water supply every two days. The local enterprise "Water of Donbas" released information about the updated schedule.

"Due to the decrease in air temperature, water consumption in boiler rooms and internal heating systems has increased. To replenish the shortage of the heat carrier, it is necessary to adjust the water supply to residential buildings", - the statement said. "The enterprise asks the population to understand the temporary problem that has arisen and to use the water resource carefully", - once again, the occupying authorities urge local residents to endure these challenging times.

As reported earlier, issues with providing the population with drinking water arose immediately after the full-scale aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine began. Russian authorities attempted to address the problem with an expensive water pipeline intended to supply water from the Don River.