Umerov stated that the AFU have passed two lines of defense held by russians 12/06/2023 16:48:45. Total views 177. Views today — 0.

Defense Minister of Ukraine Rustem Umerov stated that the Ukrainian Armed Forces, during their counteroffensive, have passed two lines of defense held by russian troops and are currently positioned between the second and third lines. He made this announcement during an interview with Fox News while visiting the United States, as reported by Espreso.

"We are managing. We continue to liberate our territory. We have passed the first line of defense, the second", - declared the Defense Minister.

According to Umerov, the Armed Forces have successfully reclaimed 50% of Ukraine's territory and are prevailing over russia on Ukrainian soil. He also noted that Ukraine currently has a plan for the liberation of territories in 2024.

The head of the Ministry of Defense emphasized that reaching the borders of 1991 remains a strategic victory for Ukraine. When asked by the journalist about the possibility of a resolution if the war drags on for years, Umerov responded that the civilized world should be ashamed if that were to happen.

Earlier, Umerov stated that Western weapons have contributed to the liberation of approximately 50% of the territories occupied by russia after its invasion.