The EU will not provide Ukraine with a million shells, but Germany promises to send 200,000 ammunition – Pistorius 12/06/2023 14:10:31. Total views 267. Views today — 0.

The European Union will not be able to transfer a million shells to Ukraine by spring 2024. This statement was made by the German Minister of Defense, Boris Pistorius, in an interview with the German publication ZDF.

According to him, he always "knew that the figure of 1 million ammunition would hardly be achieved".

"This figure created expectations that ultimately were not met", - Pistorius said.

However, he assured that the situation with ammunition for Ukraine would improve in the coming months.

"Germany alone will provide almost 200,000 ammunition", - promised the head of the German military department.

As reported earlier, in March 2023, the European Union adopted a plan to supply ammunition to Ukraine, providing for the purchase of 1 million shells within a year.