In one of the russian regions, school headmasters were tasked with compiling lists of disloyal to putin parents 12/01/2023 16:05:46. Total views 320. Views today — 0.

The Education Department in the capital of Chuvashia, Cheboksary, instructed school headmasters to gather personal information about the parents of schoolchildren, specifically noting those who are disloyal to the dictator putin. The Moscow Times reported this, citing local social media.

The lists are supposed to include the last name, first name, patronymic, place of work, and home address. The collection of information is conducted with strict confidentiality, and teachers are asked to call parents and transmit materials on flash drives to avoid leaks on the Internet.

It is believed that local authorities need the lists to gather public sector employees to campaign for loyal russian citizens before putin's re-election in March 2024. Along with the directive to collect personal data of parents, officials also provided school headmasters with a list of polling stations and their addresses.