In occupied Gorlovka a man killed his neighbour with a grenade 12/14/2015 20:27:47. Total views 1137. Views today — 0.

In occupied Gorlovka a 29-year-old man killed his neighbour with a grenade. This was reported on the official website of the "DNR".

"Employees of Nikitovska district department of police of Gorlovka identified and detained a 29-year-old lawbreaker, who during an argument with a neighbour threw a grenade at her feet. The neighbour died in the result of the explosion", - reports "the public relations center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic".

According to the report, over the last weekend 20 high profile crime cases, including I murder, 2 cases of grievous bodily harm and 5 robberies took place in the "DPR".