Authorities clearly designated the course on the conflict conservation according to the scenario of Prydnistrovye. But excluding the factor of Moscow 01/25/2017 11:55:00. Total views 1865. Views today — 0.

I have read the "Plan of measures aimed at implementing the foundations of the state internal policy concerning separate districts of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, where the public authorities do temporarily not exercise their powers". – A document that caused a strong statement of Samopomich faction in parliament yesterday, that have accused the author of treason, and the counter accusations from the deputies from the government (mostly BPP) in the desire of those who demand to recognize the SDDLO as the occupied territories, "to cut off the Donbass".

I realized after reading: we can no longer accuse the authorities in the absence of a distinct policy concerning the Donbass! Politics exists! – It is a conservation of the conflict. Conservation in Prydnistrovsky version. I do not know whether the president that constantly talks about the war and the Russian aggression, is aware of this, because his position about the SDDLO is not reflected in the "Basic Principles of State Policy". Or maybe vice versa, - it is reflected but it does not coincide with his words…

I do not undertake the evaluation of the entire document in whole. Since the evaluation may be objective from the positions of all participants of the process, I find it hard to put myself in the position of Akhmetov or Zakharchenko with Plotnitsky.

Furthermore, - any fact can be positive or negative depending on the time and circumstances in which it occurs. If, for example, as Tuka recently said, Russia will really start to leave the Donbass this autumn, then the preservation of our enterprises and guarantees for the payment of wages at them is a positive, providing loyalty to Ukraine at the time of its return. If, as Iryna Herashchenko said almost simultaneously with Tuka, "Russia is not going to leave the Donbass", then the benefits for enterprises that work there, and therefore pay taxes to the "DPR-LPR", are certainly beneficial to Akhmetov and separatists, but will not help neither the millions of refugees and displaced persons, nor Ukrainian patriots who remained in occupation.

So I will refrain from an overall assessment and note only some points of the Plan, which indicate a course on politics of the conflict's "prydnistrovization".

Firstly, the plan provides for the "improvement of procedures… of cargo (goods) movement through the line of demarcation". That is – the increase of commodity circulation between the controlled territory and SDDLO. Accordingly, this means strengthening of the economy of "republics". Secondly, the document provides for the "development and provision of proposals on amendments to the legislation concerning regulation of the features of business activity on the uncontrolled territory to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine" and "simplification of the tax and accounting reports" of taxpayers whose producing departments are located in the uncontrolled territory.

That is, they bring wages in cash there, taxes to the "republics". They pay according to the separatist leaders and logic, - and they will still get the simplification of reporting ... This is not the ATO any more, this is an artificially created tax hole.

Then the items on wage ensuring of employees of the "controlled objects placed on the uncontrolled territories" will appear in the plan. It is referred to Ukrzaliznytsia and NPC Ukrenergo as well as to the enterprises "of all forms of ownership".

How is it - "controlled objects on the uncontrolled territories"? What are the guarantees that they are not controlled by those who control the territory? And why do those who control the territories do not control the objects which are controlled (or are supposedly controlled) by Ukraine, with which they are fighting? People are put in basements for their posts on Facebook there, and these are the entire objects… It is a play of words, or someone wants to finance something that is beneficial to the people and organizations that control the territories…

Another strange item in the Plan is events providing the "support to organizations of civil society in the matter of assistance to structured dialogues on the issues of tolerance". Tolerance – is patience. What tolerance do the authors of the document mean? To separatism? Russian aggression? Ukraine?...

So, the course of the government regarding the conflict conservation and business support, which is the economic basis of the "DPR-LPR", is obvious. Let everyone evaluate this fact for him or herself.

On the other hand the Plan has many positive aspects, aimed at the ordinary people that are held hostage in the occupied (excuse me, - uncontrolled) territory. This is a possibility of distance learning in the Ukrainian educational institutions, "creation of favorable conditions for the provision of administrative services to citizens…", and optimization of crossing the line of demarcation for citizens…

All in all, the whole Plan is neither bad nor good. Every item of it should be assessed separately. But a global goal to help business that makes money on the people's grief and reduces for Moscow its Donbass adventure is clearly observed behind the words about helping people.

Unfortunately, the authors did not realize that assistance to the enterprises of Akhmetov is not helping people (even those who work at these enterprises), because the state, making a deal with the "terrorists" and paying tribute to them in the form of support for their economies, leaves these people in prison, and only improves the regime of their nutrition... And it is clear that the jailers will give only residues to the hostages after sating themselves...

I want to say to the "humanists" who prefer to give up the fight and pay tribute in exchange for the peace that there will not be any peace. As long as the authors of the Plan did not take into account the Russian factor. Namely, that even accepting the conflict de facto internal, Ukraine will not get rid of the influence of Russia on it. A Russian goal is to use the Donbass for destabilization and subjection of Ukraine. That is why the fact that Ukraine, as provided by the Plan, approved by the Ukrainian (!) government, will help the economy of the "DPR-LPR" and solve social and economic problems of the "authorities" of the puppet "republics" is not be at odds, but on the contrary, in the wake of the Kremlin's goals.

And another important point - all improvements for the population from our side can be offset by the militants, if it is not beneficial to them. They certainly will not be against legalization of smuggling and increase of the size of its support by the Ukrainian enterprises. But about the benefits to the people... A recent example - Ukraine allowed to export up to 75 kg of goods, and those who control the territory (non-occupants) allow to import up to 50 kg. It is how they improved the people's life.

Any conflict has two sides. And if the one side pretends that the second one does not exist, then this fact is noncommittal for the second side.

Serhiy Harmash