Ukraine has resumed water supply to the "LPR". What was that? 01/13/2017 09:36:00. Total views 1604. Views today — 0.

On January 7 water supply of the occupied part of Luhansk region was resumed. This was done while the "LPR" paid only USD 214 thousand debt out of the USD 4.6 million. And despite the fact that all transactions between government agencies of the "LPR" (that is, Popasnjansky Vodokanal) and Ukrainian business entities are directly prohibited by the Cabinet...

Deputies began to justify this step with the same old story that "there are our citizens". Although a month ago, when the water was turned off, no one thought about "our citizens".

They do not also think about two million of those our citizens who have been forced to leave their homes and go into the unknown, because the state has failed in its obligations to protect the rights of their citizens to safety in their own country (the question of why Strelkov’s column passed 120 km and entered Donetsk remains open).

I am not even talking about the fact that "our citizens" who escaped from terrorists, pay taxes, live according to the laws of Ukraine, etc. are still deprived of the right to vote and are otherwise discriminated by the state. And those "our citizens" who do not pay taxes and don’t follow Ukrainian laws are a good argument for our politicians who do not do anything for the real liberation of the Donbass. I am not talking about the water, but about cynical argument of "our citizens", whom Ukraine helps to be held as hostages by providing these terrorists with everything they need.

To make it clear: the delivery of water, electricity, vodka, money, metal, wood and so on to the occupied territory has nothing to do with "our citizens"!

People living in the occupied territories and paying taxes to the budgets of the "DPR" and the "LPR" should receive all of the listed above from the authorities who control the territory. For now, they are the "LPR-DPR" authorities. Therefore, our supplies are not delivered to "our citizens", but to Plotnitsky and Zakharchenko, who otherwise would have to look for other opportunities to meet the needs "of their citizens".

For example, make driven wells, what they actually have been doing in the "LPR" in recent years. Naturally, Plotnitsky has no money for the mass water supply autonomization. He would have to ask Moscow for the money. But why should Moscow spend the money on the water supply of the territory, which it wants to shove back to Ukraine? Then the Donbass would become a too expensive project for the Russian Federation...

But Kiev, being under the cover of caring for "our citizens", suddenly regretted Moscow and saved it from extra costs. And at the same time it solved the problem of terrorist authorities and strengthened their power over "our citizens".

By the way, when they say that 80 thousand Ukrainians living in the free territories suffer together with 300 thousands of "our citizens", whom our "caring" government had given to the control of terrorists, - I want to answer that water-off was a chance for them to solve finally the perennial problem of water supply in the Luhansk oblast. They could drill a well or build new reservoirs for these 80 thousand. But it seems easier to solve the problems of the terrorists than to solve a longstanding problem of their citizens…

And the main thing: we gave water to Plotnitsky and his gang, which he provides "our citizens" for our money. And what did Ukraine get in return? Except USD 4.6 million out of USD 214 thousand…

Maybe the "LPR" released our prisoners of war in response to the resumption of water supply?

- No!

Maybe the occupants at least ceased to shoot at the Ukrainian military?

- No!

Maybe the "LPR" at least stopped the jamming of our television and radio signals?

- No!

We got nothing in return! No-thing!

So what was that: a charitable act towards "our citizens", or another defeat of the Ukrainian diplomacy and another betrayal of "our citizens", taken hostage by the terrorists, whom we support de facto?

Naturally, the charity is nowhere near! The issue of water supply of the occupied districts of the Luhansk oblast initially was purely political. And it, by the way, was the principal at the last meeting of the ministers of foreign affairs of Normandy format. This was written nowhere for some reason, but the representative of the "LPR" in Minsk V.Danego   let it slip out in one of his television interview.

It is no coincidence that this seemingly everyday question was put to such a high level. By the way, the termination of water supply by Ukraine did not cause a humanitarian catastrophe in Luhansk. Some inconvenience - yes. But boiler houses were working, water was suppling from time to time. Then why is there such a high level of attention? – Maybe just because of the price which Moscow would have to pay for a solution to the problem? In the precedent, the spread of which to the other spheres of economic relations of Kiev with the "DPR"-"LPR" could lead to the fall of "republics"?

So, do not tell us about "our citizens". Because we all know: "if stars are lit it means – there is someone who needs it". It is needed in Moscow, Kiev, Berlin and Paris. And all these TV hearts and flowers are for fools who our government still believes we are despite all Maidans.

Serhiy Harmash, OstroV