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Will the DPR and LPR be united? How does Zakharchenko see the main results of his two-year "struggle"? Who are the heroes of the "DPR"? - You can hear answers to these and other topical questions of the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions in the latest Sergey Garmash’s radio programme "Occupation".

"Independent" "states"

Talks about uniting the DPR and LPR in the so-called Novorossia will remain just talks. Having got control over the resources of the occupied territories, the leaders of the puppet "republics" do not want to share them with each other. It is understood from the interview of the so-called Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPR Natalia Nikanorova with Moskovsky Komsomolets.

I quote: "We are working with the LPR, but the issue of unification is not a priority now. The Luhansk People's Republic is an independent state and we can build our relationships on a contractual basis,"- unquote.

"Antibodies." The main results of the two-year "struggle" from Zakharchenko

In his turn, leader of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko who was going to liberate the south-eastern regions from the peaceful life and add them to Novorossia, made it clear last week that calling the war to one’s home was a private matter.

Audio: "Once again, I repeat, we do not want people to think that we promote the transfer of the war to the territory of  Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhya regions. We want to convey the following, that, unlike many others, we were able to do and show the world that we are free."

That is, the war is the price for freedom. It sounds noble, if not to think with whom to fight for freedom and against whom.

Do you know what mini-dictator Alexander Zakharchenko considers the main results of his so-called struggle for freedom of Donetsk? Listen:

Audio: "The most important thing - we did not let the illegal seizure of power, we did not let the Americans come here, look, let Ukrainians look what’s going on in the government. What’s going on in the SSU, what's going on in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who is training the Ukrainian army soldiers - Americans. That's what we did."

That is, people who illegally seized the territory and the citizens of the state in the interests of a foreign state, turn out to be fighting against the illegal seizure of power ...

The main result and their pride are that as a result of the deaths of tens of thousands of people - their soldiers are not trained by Americans but by Russians.

At the same time, they do not even hide the fact that they have become a tool in the hands of the neighboring country against their own one. Let us listen to my former colleague, now known on the occupied territories war correspondent Gennady Dubovoy.

Audio: "The Russian policy is braking Ukraine from inside. We as antibodies are embedded in the Ukrainian space. To change the situation dramatically at the right moment. When will the fruit be ripe and fall into the hands? That is, mass rallies will begin due to the tough economic situation in Ukraine. Accordingly, internal strife, war and blood will start. And we will be then perceived as liberators."

"Left experiment." Why does Russia feed the "DPR-LPR"?

That is, these so-called antibodies (and I would say - antibrains) wait for economic problems to start in Ukraine and then, according to them, dissatisfied people will want to invite war to their home. And they need to maintain the illusion that their economic situation is better than in Ukraine. But how can you do it if the economy on the occupied territories almost does not work? Well-known Russian journalist Andrey Babitsky who lives in Donetsk now answered that question. He wrote on his Facebook page and I quote:

"Not only the DPR Pension Fund is supported by Russia, it allocates money for culture, education, construction of settlements, free medicine. The fact that roses are planted in Donetsk, children are fed for free in the kindergartens and schools, all are cured, museums are restored and prices on utilities are not raised is at Russia’s expense plus local who insisted that the social benefits should not only be preserved, but also expanded,"- unquote.

Babitsky says that the Kremlin is carrying out "experiment" on the occupied territories of Donbass with the introduction into the "DPR" the rules of the social state which no longer exist in Russia.

"What will happen later and how much it costs and to what extent it is unprofitable - not so important ..." - writes Babitsky.

It is understandable - the man came to Donetsk for a change. But Donetsk residents need to think what will happen to them when Russia is tired of the experiment or when it cannot afford financing. What then?

And signs of such tiredness are already visible. Humanitarian convoys from Russia come more rarely. And the interesting part - responsible for last convoy that came on April 21st - representative of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Yuriy Shmyrev persistently spoke of the occupied territories as ...  the regions of Ukraine. Listen:

Audio: "Representatives of recovery centers of Donetsk and Luhansk regions will be involved in unloading. They will distribute the goods to socially significant objects and among the population in need. The humanitarian cargo will be divided between Donetsk and Luhansk regions in approximately equal parts."

Bourgeois symbol of Donetsk in the poor "DPR"

It means there is no DPR, LPR for Russia. As Babitsky wote - an experiment. Accordingly, people living there are laboratory mice for Russia which it will cease to feed as soon as the need for such an experiment disappears. Well, or when the laboratory assistant goes on a bender ... Head of the puppet administration of Kuibyshev district of Donetsk Ivan Prikhodko explained what the DPR economy is.

Audio: "Before the war there were 82 enterprises financed by the state in the district. And now only 7. Of course, the district budget is not just subsidized. It is 95% subsidized. Because we pay only 105 million on pensions a month. We actually collect a maximum of 13-15. Add social benefits to pensions and you get a catastrophic budget."

It is worth quoting the interview with Oleg Belyayev - head of the administration of another district of Donetsk - the Leninsky one. Unlike his colleague, he boasts of and I quote: "In contrast to many other districts, the majority of our enterprises poorly but work. Although it, of course, cannot be compared with the situation before the war when our region accounted for 30% of industrial production of the city."

And then Belyayev specified what exactly works in the Leninsky district of Donetsk. I quote: "Perhaps, only one of the bakeries of the Donbasskhleb holding works at the full strength. Other food industry enterprises operate not very successfully. It applies to Herkules, Vinter, dairy factory 2, Konti and AVK confectionery factories that are now renamed into Tor and Lakond. They have a problem either with raw materials or with sale. For example, before the war, Konti produced 550 tons of sweet products per day and now - only 300-350 tons per month! Dairy factory 2 produces goods only at 16-20% of its power.

Nord, now Intertekhnika, seemed to be alive in February, but it has suspended its work since April, at least, until mid-May. Only one blast furnace is used in the DMW. Donetskgormash is relatively fine, it exported mine fan to Kazakhstan in winter. In general, most of industrial plants work in a broken mode. But small businesses revived - shops and service businesses,"- unquote.

That is – what have we heard? - Businesses whose owners live, for some reason, in Ukraine, not in Donetsk, were just renamed, their assets were re-registered on other people and now work for the occupants. But still, if you believe Belyayev, - they manage to collect 18-20 million rubles for the district treasury. Neigbouring Kuibyshev district spends 105 million on pensions. That's the arithmetic of the DPR economy - total dependence on Russia.

Even so, the social paradise tale in occupation bursts. There is not enough money even for basic - for medicines. Of course, Ukraine is guilty, which - strangely – does not to supply those who seized part of its territory, killing its citizens and made homeless about a million of its own countrymen... This insult comes in words of the head of Kuibyshev district of Donetsk Ivan Prikhodko.

Audio: "We understand that because of the blockade of Ukraine our prices are quite high. Although some positions look much better than the same in Ukraine, but they remain quite high on medication now. If earlier we used to have two baskets for finance, but now there is only one and, unfortunately, the city council cannot always allocate money for medicines, as they used to do in hospitals."

There is shortage of medications in the "people's republic", but they opened the main symbol of bourgeois Donetsk last Sunday in Donetsk - Donetsk City shopping and entertainment center which ceased its work in June 2014

Audio: "All the floors of the complex are opened for the visitors. And although not all brand boutiques and shops are open, each visitor will be able to choose what he/she needs. Let’s recall that the total area of ​​the complex is more than 115 thousand square meters that is equivalent to 7 football pitches."

In fact, half empty Donetsk City, seized, by the way, from the rightful owners, is one of the elements of propaganda - of a happy life, which Moscow propagandists try to impose on Donetsk poverty.

Myth-making and "Ukrainian race" by Givi

Generally speaking, myth-making is today almost the main work in the DPR. One of these myths is "heroes of the republic".

Last week Russian journalist Marina Akhmedova recognized that the Russian media specially made heroes of the individual members of the so-called militias in Expert newspaper. I quote:

"Russian journalists selectively made heroes of some members of the militia, stayed with them all the time, went with them to the front, conducted exclusive broadcasts of their military and everyday life ... Actively glorified the exploits of these people and created virtually indestructible heroes," - she wrote.

And, as a result, there are such heroes like Givi and Motorola. Last time I gave a fragment of an interview with Motorola who said that Ukrainian authorities were called terrorists in the constitutions of three countries in the world. And today we have another gem by another "hero of the DPR" - Givi. He added to the classification of five races the sixth one - Ukrainian.

Audio: "If not for the armed forces of the Soviet Union - Ukrainian race would have no longer existed on the map. They do not understand. They glorify Bandera, Shukhevych. They wear swastika of the Nazis on the sleeves - well, I think it's ... you know, I cannot even say in my words, then you’ll blank everything. "

I do not know where great paleontologist Givi saw swastika on the sleeves in Ukraine. But if there are such heroes, then ... well ... it is difficult, perhaps, with staff.

However, the dead fit the role of heroes better. They, at least, do not say anything stupid. The DPR marked the anniversary of the death of "the first hero of the DPR" last week presented by former leading anchorman of Akhmetov’s TRC Ukraine who went from Kiev to Donetsk Alexander Mozgovoy.

Audio: "The first hero. Ruben Avanesyan. Relatives and fellow soldiers believe that death marked the beginning of the war in Donbass. The tragedy occurred on April 13th in Slavyansk where Ruben arrived with humanitarian aid... He could not stay aside. From the very beginning of the conflict in Donbass, he joined the ranks of the people's militia. Then, on April 13th, 2014 he volunteered without hesitation to accompany humanitarian aid for the residents of Slavyansk."

A beautiful story. But let's pay attention to detail. What humanitarian mission in Slavyansk on April 13th if Slavyansk was seized on April 12th and there still could be no humanitarian problems on April 13th?

In general, it’s very clumsy done.

It is beneficial to ignore the people we left there

However, people rarely notice details. Therefore, these false heroes take their place in the consciousness. And not only on the occupied territories, but also in the free part of Ukraine. It was the topic of our conversation with well-known Donetsk writer, doctor of historical sciences Elena Styazhkina in the joint project with UkrLayf Internet TV. Unfortunately, I can not give all the 55 minutes of our conversation, but I ask you to listen to what is shown to us and why.

Audio: "It is very important what position we follow when we look at it. That is, if we understand what occupation is, we know that people there are like in a concentration camp. Occupation is the loss of the economic, political and informational subjectivity. The picture that we see there is the picture that is agreed, either proposed or written by the Kremlin. The holidays, those flags, concerts, contests and so on. – What for? To annoy Ukraine. To make the story of split long. To make up Ireland out of nothing, to replace the history of occupation with the civil conflict in the mind. And most importantly - to incite hatred. But the loss of informational subjectivity means that we will never see the partisans. Well, we can not either see them nor show. That is, we can show them, but what for, for them to be killed? ...

I want to say one more thing, there are invisible people. Invisible people live in Donetsk, Luhansk, Gorlovka, Khartsyzk. We do not want and are afraid to see them at the country level because, at that time, we’ll feel guilty. They are waiting for liberation. They are tired of being afraid. They sometimes believe more in liberation than we do. We read these posts. We get a huge amount of information on the movement of the troops of occupation. About where it is dangerous and where it is good. About how walls blossomed with love to Ukraine, about how carefully some schools have moved away from the propaganda madness - people do all that! These are the people who are waiting for liberation, working for it. We can not show them. We just retell. Thereby, we reduce the level of trust to the information. Well, maybe I sit here and tell lie, for example. And we agree with the fact that they probably are not there. It is not that painful. All good left. – It is not true!

Empty makes sense. It makes sense for Ukraine and for Europe. It is possible to make a huge political capital. Generally nothing else is needed to do - to fight for the rights of a particular region. No more programmes. This is how they fought for the Russian language - now this. Well, it is possible to fight for the peace now. It is not clear against whom, against their state? - And finally the Kremlin's imperial idea which, thus, undermines the integrity of the sovereign Ukrainian field by idea that you have there special "Donbass people." - Previously "people of Donbass" were imposed with the idea that they are special and now Ukraine is imposed that you have some special people there, so you need to hate them - that's the danger. Therefore, when it sounds that it is criminal in the parliament. If we give some special status, rights, whole Ukraine will hate them for decades. It will never end. - Of course. So out of nowhere. Empty suddenly makes sense."

To appoint elections is easy

Of course, we can’t help saying that the DPR and LPR appointed local elections once again. Previously, for example, the DPR appointed them on October 18th, 2015, then on April 20th of the current. Now there is another date - July 24th , 2016. But it, according to Alexander Zakharchenko, may not be the last date. Well, what’s wrong - three election dates - three decrees of the so-called "head of the republic" ... Paper will endure and people will keep silent. Smart people guessed  long ago that the elections on the occupied territories were nothing more than an object of political manipulation. What is more, the "head" himself does not hide it.

Audio: "Everything will depend on how the process of issuing passports will be held. That is, this date is not final and could still be changed. But how it  will be changed and when is still unknown. In contrast to the Ukrainian media, I can say the following: the elections, if they take place, we need them - because we want to have a normal, legitimate, people’s government. And none of the Minsk agreements provides elections for this process. And we  will decide when the election will take place and whether they take place at all."

OstroV, Public Radio of Donbass