Theater of "Ukraine" or "DPR is forever" 05/18/2016 13:42:00. Total views 1850. Views today — 1.

Nowadays it is almost impossible to conduct an objective sociology on the occupied territories. It is even more difficult to do that in relation to people who persisted the pro-Ukrainian position until recently.

But even rare meeting with pro-Ukrainian population on the occupied territories cause concern because of the short phrase: "I do not care anymore". This idea, which is becoming more and more popular here, often sounds rougher.

Even those who until recently kept even something Ukrainian in the realities of the occupation talk about Ukraine today as negatively as about the "DPR". At first glance, it may seem that the reason for such a total disappointment and apathy is the war itself. But, in fact, everything is much more pessimistic. Many of the Ukrainians are not disappointed because of the overall destruction or repression - they got used to it long ago. The root of their discontent is the absence of, at least, some strategies that can provide an answer to the question - what's next and, in a long term, who is to be blamed? And stubborn promotion of "Minsk" as a pseudo answer annoys people even more.

And indeed, the topic of summer elections on the occupied territory has broken all records of absurdity that took place here during two years of the war. "Minsk" changes sociology not only for those who have traditionally been for "peace" or indifferent, rooting these people more and more in the "republican" realities, forcing them to believe that "it is forever". Many recent patriots begin to lose ideological and mental roots gradually, mimicking trivial "just to survive this day". Such rhetorical formulas occur more frequently, more often we hear about holding the elections in a month or two.

Today the general situation with occupied Donbass resembles incredibly a play in which absolutely everybody participates. The play "Minsk" in style of "theater of the absurd" gradually turned into a scene of the "elections". Without a doubt, the director in this theater is Moscow. But performers playing protagonists are becoming increasingly sincere. Thus, on the background of noise curtain in Yasinovataya and Avdeyevka, we hear about the inevitability of summer elections under Ukrainian law. Even though the first paragraph of the ceasefire agreements was failed to implement.

It was the leitmotif of R. Bessmertnyi who left the scene with the phrase "Donbass problem for me is for a lifetime." But the plot requires closed eyes in the place where our soldiers are daily taken to the morgue or are on the operating table.

In all fairness, "the DPR" also suffers numerous casualties, but in this situation militants, as actors of this play, seem to be more sincere. Zakharchenko’s regular statements that Ukraine is a foreign country and its legislation can not be used in electoral processes of the "republic" sound more realistic than Ukrainian subversive groups before "the end of the war." That’s what the long-awaited elections should mean, aimed not only to restore the Ukrainian authorities in Donbass, but also to close the border, to condemn the occupiers, including local "heroes" of the "Sparta" and "Somali", as well as to explain all citizens that they are not "republicans" any longer, and in general – all was in vain, for nothing. Putting everything into a single whole already causes ironical grin, but we all continue to play. Apparently, it was announced for the play to be brighter that the occupants (!) would be required to provide broadcasting of the Ukrainian channels during the election race, as if it were the main problem, but not a new batch of Grads that are imported to Khartsizsk every month.

Absolutely everybody is sick and tired of this theater. The West is tired, imposing elections by Merkel and other top politicians there, where 5-6 fighters die every day. Average European (not only Dutch) whose mind worries more about thousands of refugees, terrorism and the prospect of becoming the Middle East than abstract and obscure Donbass. We are also tired. We are tired of the lack of a plan, strategic thinking that must be a feature of a state during a critical period of its existence. There is no answer in the national idea which would give the opportunity for ordinary Ukrainians  to plan their lives properly, but not divide their days and weeks traveling between checkpoints and spending 30 hours from the capital to Donetsk. We tear about between the dispute on the status and payment of pensions; the desire to revenge the oligarchs and purchase of Donbass coal from the invaders. Everything is blurred, chaotic and haphazard - and chaos in the minds of Ukrainians simply reflects the situation at the top.

The only one who is not tired is Russia. Today's "Minsk"  is, without a doubt, the Moscow’s product with an unlimited shelf life. And that unlimited shelf life poses  the greatest threat to our country. The play has been imposed on us, but we make our state a theater.

Stanislav Vasin, OstroV, Donetsk