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When Ukrainian partisans in Donbass are mentioned, network users often imagine Donetsk "Teni" or "Ravliki". The reality of the existence of "Teni" is still a  debate and the "Ravliki" leaders were arrested in May 2015 allegedly for robbery. At the same time, the young Luhansk underground - "Vostok Vendetta" is unfairly deprived of media attention. They began their work  in the middle of summer 2015. The leader of the organization that hides his real name under the pseudonym - «V» told OstroV about the reasons, goals and methods of struggle.


"Our main weapon today is the constant propaganda and constant work with population. And not only with the population. It would be wrong to consider the strength of our enemy as single,"- said the leader of "Vendetta".

According to him, there is a stratum of people who sympathize with the pro-Ukrainian insurrection and participate in military operations against their will.

Luhansk, January 2016

The objects of "Vendetta" propaganda activity are, according to the partisans, current and potential participants of their movements, the population of strongpoint bases and districts where they operate, as well as enemy soldiers.

"The most effective method of propaganda among the occupied population is propaganda by actions. We are constantly trying to conduct individual work in the form of conversations and meetings of our agitators with individual citizens or small groups. We are trying to organize or support the "anti-government" or pro-Ukrainian meetings and demonstrations. We distribute printed materials, video and audio. The global objective of our propaganda is the transition of certain parts of the separatist rebellion on our side or refusal to participate in its suppression," - told "Vendetta" partisans.

Luhansk, September 2015, the military training ground in Aleksandrovsk

The idea of ​​creating an underground organization against separatists appeared in early 2014. "Vendetta" started with patriotic symbols and labels in different small corners of the city. Then even the little things were a great achievement.

"In 2014 we were still scared to do something to make ourselves known in the media but at the beginning of 2015 we realized that it was impossible to develop a more or less massive underground movement in the "LPR" without some publicity. To do this, we created a page on Facebook, due to which we found like-minded people in different cities and parts of Luhansk region,"- said one of the founders of the Luhansk underground with the call sign "Kusto".

According  to Luhansk underground members, the secret of their organization is almost complete anonymity of participants. Most of the partisans do not know each other personally and communicate only within the network, eliminating the identification of all members of the organization in case of unforeseen circumstances.

"We did not expect such a result, when people from different cities and villages of our region began to address to us with the initiative to hold the actions. We do different things: from sticking simple patriotic pictures to getting important information about the activities and plans of the leaders of the banana republic "LPR", - says the founder of "Vendetta".

Luhansk 2015, Volkova quarter


"In August we derailed a train in Krasnodon area with stolen coal, which they wanted to bring to Russia and sell for a pittance. There were 27 cars," - told «V». As a result of the partisans’’ work, railroad tracks were damaged, one car overturned and another one blocked traffic on a nearby branch.

Partisans also complicated life of "republic" supporters in occupied Luhansk, Stakhanov, Krasnyi Luch and Kirovsk. They acted simply - set fire to the grass, thereby checking the reaction pace of the MES and "people's militia" at the site. At the same time, they specified number of crews, their numbers and personnel.

"Soon not only grass will burn," - then said partisans and kept their promise. On August 24th there was an explosion of gas pipeline Stavropol-Moscow near occupied Rovenky. As a result of damage to the pipe of diameter from 700 mm to 1000, there was a fire, the flame height reached 30 meters. No one was hurt during explosion or fire because the incident occurred outside the villages. "Vendetta" took responsibility for the explosion of the gas pipeline.

In late September 2015 the supporters of "Vendetta" from Krasnodon tested "an interesting device" on a concrete pole (110 kV) of the power line in Khryashchovoye village.  As a result, the post fell down and power line was out of order. The action was aimed at blackout and "training" lackeys of the MSS, the Prosecutor's Office, MIA and MES of the "LPR".

"Burning Russian gas and distributing pro-Ukrainian leaflets in the streets are important to some extend, but the most promising and important area of ​​our activity is, in our opinion, cyber fighting against separatism. We have already achieved impressive results in it. Sepatists try to hide their murky business but they have no idea where or when we will hit the next time," – said «V».

One of the most successful operation for partisans was "seizing" Ukrtelecom building in Luhansk. "Vendetta" started a rumor about upcoming provocations during a football match of the "LPR-DPR" in just a few days before the event. The goal was achieved – separatists full of paranoia involved all their forces in the protection of the match at the Avangard stadium from mysterious "terrorists" but at that time partisans freely and quietly entered the Ukrtelecom building located in the center of Luhansk. Partisans got lists of people who are under surveillance of the "state security agencies", register of public organizations of the "LPR" and list of executive positions in the Igor Plotnitsky’s pocket party of the "LPR" – Mir Luhanshchiny (Peace in Luhansk region). Obtained documents were transferred to Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and partially posted in the public domain of the network.

"Until Ukrainian troops come"

Partisans dealt with "the Minister" of Information Policy of the "LPR" Vyacheslav Stolyarenko with special affection: "There is no limit to improve our methods of work and desire to achieve more. If officials and MSS knew about our new operation, they would cry for a long time because of their helplessness and moronitude. As a result of the straightforward combination, we got very interesting documents of one of the senior officials of the pseudo republic - Minister of Information Policy Stolyarenko".

Data obtained by cyber "Vendetta" shows that Stolyarenko deals not only with the promotion of separatism in the occupied part of Luhansk region but also "works as a spy-in for the FSB." Stolyarenko periodically sends to Moscow details of all the scandals and incidents occurring within the ruling elite of the "LPR". In this case, apparently, the main task of agent Georgiy (Georgiy – call sign of Stolyarenko - ed. OstroV) is the control over Russian curators who are competitors of the Russian Federal Security Service. Scans of "Minister" Stolyarenko’s denunciations  were also posted online.

"Vendetta" partisans’ activities also revealed machinations of the head of the Communist Party Petro Simonenko who "gave" the building of the Luhansk regional communist party to communist-militants from Russia. They also posted the payroll of Plotnitsky’s personal guards as a "pleasant" bonus for Luhansk separatist militants.

One of the "Vendetta’s" latest actions is the publication of "LPR" "law enforcement" documents which directly indicate  "police’s" lawlessness and arbitrariness reigning in "the republic".

"Today we will present you the documents sent to us by LPR law enforcement authorities that are sympathetic to the Ukrainian idea. So, More people in our regiment! A new friend gave documentary evidence of fabricated criminal cases of the bananaland that punish innocent people and people with weapons is the last resort, in front of which suffering Luhansk Themis is silent. The documents show hiding of murders, torture, "muscling in on" cars with the participation of the separatist police and prosecutors and LPR extremists,"- said the partisans’ statement.

According to the leader of the "Vostok Vendetta» «V» and his associates, it’s harder to undertake specific action with every day but the partisans are not going to give up their plan. Their global objective is to conduct sabotage and propaganda activities on the occupied territories until Ukrainian troops enter Luhansk.

Luhansk, February 2016

"We sometimes think that occupied Luhansk region will remain under the control of the orcs for a very long time. We are not afraid. Luhansk is Ukraine, we are Ukrainians. We will not go anywhere from here. There are more of us than "Russian world" separatist policemen can imagine. Our amount increases and we learn more with every day and we are always getting ready to carry out new attacks. Our enemy will suffer more soon,"- warned «V».

Ostap Gorodenko, OstroV