"We will kill you. A million, 5 million, or we will even exterminate you all". Review of publications of the occupied Donbas 10/19/2022 16:35:00. Total views 2228. Views today — 0.

Last week, separatist media enthusiastically described how the russian army was committing war crimes and happily dreamed that putin’s regime would surpass the atrocities of fascist Germany in the near future.

Admission of guilt

The russian army launched a massive strike against Ukraine's civilian infrastructure on Monday. The occupiers frankly admitted that their targets were power plants and other life-support facilities. Numerous "military correspondents" and "publicists", who sided with them, were not embarrassed that the kremlin openly admitted to committing war crimes. Following possessed Ukrainophobe Ivan Okhlobystin, they began to replicate anti-utopian nonsense about how the oprichniki’s descendants will destroy all of Ukraine, throw it back to the level of the Middle Ages or even the Stone Age.

"Large Ukrainian cities are shuddering from explosions after the Russian Armed Forces’ rocket attacks on military facilities and control centers. Residents of Ukrainian cities are now experiencing what the Donetsk residents have experienced during artillery shelling of residential areas in recent months. Just yesterday, unbridled joy over the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge reigned in Kyiv. Today, the mood of Ukrainian patriots has deteriorated sharply. Now columns of smoke are rising over Kyiv downtown. One of the rockets fell near the office of Zelensky, who threatened Russia with a nuclear strike", - one of the authors tried to explain his jubilation.

His colleagues did not even try to hide their desire to destroy Ukraine. "Klitschko is still a shitty mayor. Another pipe exploded in the city center. Housing and communal services are in poor condition. How can you treat the capital like that?"; "Ukraine is entering the Stone Age. According to our data, almost all of Ukraine has infrastructure issues - there is no electricity, water and Internet connection"; "The third wave of Russian strikes on the objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is expected", - they rejoiced.

Russian mercenary Alexander Zhuchkovsky dreams that the russian armed forces will finish what they have started. "It is necessary that these rocket attacks on Ukraine become a routine, a good tradition, a familiar part of the morning landscape. So that they get used to them so much that when they stop, it will become NOTICEABLE. So that people wake up one morning, and there is NO Ukraine as a state. Government buildings are empty, AFU positions abandoned, electricity and water supply long gone, the wind blowing garbage through the streets, and confused people wander in search of a strong Moscow hand. "Come and rule over us", - he predicts bloodthirstily.

But, as expected, the most horrible monster was Pavel Gubarev, the former "people's governor" of the Donetsk oblast. "Torch of Novorossiya", as he calls himself, in fact, voiced russia's plans for Ukraine. In an interview with one of the "military correspondents", he honestly admitted that the main goal of the "special military operation" is the physical destruction of Ukrainians as a people. In his opinion, Ukrainians are just russian people who have become "satanists".

"It is very important for us to create an image of the enemy. These are Russian people who have been possessed by a demon. We are not going to kill them, we want to convince them. But if you do not want to be convinced, we will kill you. A million, 5 million, or we will even exterminate you all, until you understand that you are demon-possessed and you need to be treated", - Gubarev said on camera.

Friendly fire

Such statements could be attributed to "people's governor’s" mental disorders associated with the long-term performing as Santa Claus at children's matinees. However, the russian propagandist who interviewed him did not rebuke the home-grown exorcist, but nodded approvingly.

It would seem that those "military correspondents" with their animal hatred of Ukraine should have earned a delicious bone from their masters. But no! Last week it was reported that many of them were included into the "execution lists" by the decision of the russian authorities. It turned out that their dissatisfaction with the fact that the russian army is "liberating" the Donbas too slowly and not always successfully is "discrediting the armed forces of the russian federation" and spreading fakes about the valiant "defenders of the russian world".

"Our friend Semyon Pegov writes about some "execution lists" that someone, somewhere in the Ministry of Defense, allegedly draws up for bloggers and military correspondents who publish rough information about the special military operation. An unpleasant and uncombed truth that pricks like wool sweater", - the authors, who suddenly fell into disgrace, were indignant.

Igor Strelkov, Semyon Pegov (WarGonzo), Yuri Podolyaka, Vladlen Tatarsky, Sergey Mardan, Igor Dimitriev, authors of GreyZone, Rybar and Kristina Potupchik may be charged with a crime.

"The content in their Telegram channels is already being analyzed for fake reports, discredit and other prohibited and punishable things. According to our information, the statement to Roskomnadzor demanding to check the work of those authors was signed personally by the chief of the General Staff... The reason is criticism of the Ministry of Defense and its decisions during the special military operation", - the propagandists complain.

"If the corpus delicti is collected, and the guilt is established, the military correspondents will either be fined or sentenced up to three years in prison", - they call it "friendly fire".

"It is a strange idea to fight with those who support the country and the army with all their heart. A harmful idea, I would say", - they swear their loyalty to putin.

"Attempts to create an information vacuum will not end well. Firstly, this is impossible in the age of social networks. Secondly, this is impossible due to the mobilization that is going on throughout the country and is discussed through the word of mouth. Everyone has a conscripted relative or an acquaintance. Thirdly, this is impossible in a young civil society, in which an alternative channel of information has been established through all kinds of chats with the help of volunteers and help groups. And most importantly, any information gap will be filled with rumors, conjectures and fake reports. It is being filled with rumors already. You can’t be silent or disingenuous. People see everything", - they are trying to convince the ruthless repressive machine of the russian federation of their usefulness.

The review was prepared by Yuriy Bovkh, OstroV