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A unique newly formed structure that has arisen on the territory of Ukraine in the seventh year of its existence as a result of "the disagreement of the miners and tractor drivers of Donbas with the policy of Kyiv" never ceases to amaze and shock at the same time.

Take, for example, the entry/exit checkpoints, which closed in March last year and remain locked up to this day, with the exception of two days a week when the Olenivka-Novotroitske corridor opens. The Donetsk people were then explained that the "authorities" took this step so as not to bring a terrible virus to the territory of the "young republic". But pretty soon, all residents of the uncontrolled Donbas realized that the reason was not at all in concern for the people.

So, "head" of the "DNR" Pushilin announced on February 26 the weakening of quarantine measures. Although it is not clear how you can weaken what in fact did not exist.

As it is known, cafes, restaurants, theaters and cinemas have been operating throughout the uncontrolled territory since last summer without observing any seating restrictions. Institutions of general and higher education did not stop the educative process as well. Even the face-mask requirements were observed quite conditionally. Well, perhaps, mass sports events were not held in the "republic". Now it is permissible.

Having analyzed all this, the optimistic Donetsk residents took the message about the "easing" as an allusion to the imminent opening of the checkpoints. Hundreds of thousands of people froze in the hope that they would soon be able to hug their loved ones, bypassing the tedious journey through the Russian Federation. But literally a day later, information appeared on the website of the "Ministry of Health" that in connection with the stabilization of the situation with COVID-19 on the territory of the "DNR", a decision was made to phase out hospital bases.

"In view of the stabilization of situation with the incidence of COVID-19 in the Donetsk People's Republic, a decision was made to phase out the hospital bases providing assistance to patients with COVID-19/suspected COVID-19 and pneumonia", - the statement said.

The Donetsk residents' hopes were again shattered by the idiocy of the "authorities", which are trying to convince everyone that the "republic" has managed to defeat the ill-fated virus.

This is with the daily growth of the infected! According to official data, only on March 11, 181 people fell ill in the "DNR" and 7 people died.

Taking into account the fact that it is customary in the "people's republic" to hide the real numbers, the "Ministry of Health" reports that 5762 patients are being treated in hospitals at the moment. 26140 cases of infection have been recorded since the beginning of the pandemic, of which 2012 were fatal. These figures indicate that the "republic" has the highest mortality rate in the world. It is estimated at 8.1%. For comparison, this figure on the territory of Ukraine is 1.9%.

Meanwhile, vocal supporters of the "DNR" assure that the decision of the "authorities" to phase out hospital bases is logical, because the mass vaccination that began on February 1 will significantly improve the situation by March 14. The "ministry", of course, can draw such summaries, so that no one has doubts about the effectiveness of the Russian miracle vaccine. But the trouble is that they cannot shut the people's mouths. In order to tell someone something long since, letters are not sent by mail, but people express their thoughts on social networks. So to speak, hot off the press.

The fact that the "head" personally showed on camera that he was not afraid of the Russian vaccine did not cause much enthusiasm among the "DNR" population. First of all, because they simply questioned the performed procedure, suggesting that he had been injected with normal saline or some kind of vitamin.

However, to be fair, we can assume that the vaccination was real. Because the "ruler of the people's republic" is a rather young and healthy-looking person. Therefore, he had no reason to worry about the "side effects". Having injected himself for the second time, Pushilin shared his thoughts: "… I felt no unpleasant sensations after the first vaccination, and I hope that it will be exactly the same this time".

In fact, vaccination really began in the "republic" on February 1. However, it is possible to speak about its mass nature only with regard to the "military". Because everything is done by order among "servicemen" and no one is interested in personal opinion.

Even the norm of the Internal Service Regulations has been developed. So, Art. 345 reads: "Protective vaccinations are carried out to ensure the immunity of military personnel to infectious diseases, which can be planned and according to epidemic indications. Scheduled protective vaccinations for all personnel of the regiment are carried out in accordance with the vaccination protocol, and taken in fact epidemic indications - by order of the officer in charge (chief) . SERVICEMEN ARE EXEMPTED FROM VACCINATIONS ONLY AT THE DOCTOR'S CONCLUSION ".

As for the vaccination of non-serving citizens, the "DNR" is actively conducting explanatory work with the involvement of the media. But despite this, there is no particular excitement. Although the "officials" convince the people of the opposite. For example, "Minister of Health" Oprishchenko stated high confidence of the population in the vaccine: "There is a high level of confidence in the Gam-COVID-Vac vaccine among the residents of the republic, therefore the number of registered citizens is growing day by day. I would like to draw the attention of those who have already registered both on the website of the Ministry of Health and in the health care institutions - everyone will be invited in the order of priority of registration", - the "minister" said.

Meanwhile, it is known that a lot of "top-priority" people refuse to vaccinate. These are medical workers, teachers and officers of the "MIA", "Ministry of State Security" and "people's militia". They explain their reluctance to vaccinate with a high level of side effects. Most of those who do decide to get vaccinated report high fever and chills that last up to three days, pain in the joints and lungs, inflammation at the injection site, numbness in the arm that lasts up to a week and heart problems. Some of them had blood pressure up to 200. But the medical staff is strictly forbidden to talk about it.

By the way, a Russian passport is not required for the vaccination. The main thing is to have registration on the territory of the "DNR". But there are certain age requirements. When compiling lists at enterprises and institutions, workers who are 60 years old and more were not included there. Apparently, the vaccine gives major complications to the elderly. But unemployed pensioners are not informed about this.

Anyone wishing to receive the vaccine must write an application and pre-test for COVID-19. Before vaccination, they measure their pressure, look down the throat, and advise to sit at home for three days after that.

The fact that there is no rush to get the vaccine is also evidenced by the fact that teachers were involved in the vaccination campaign. After brave "head" Pushilin and "Minister of Health" Oprishchenko, convincing people of the need for vaccination, educators appeared on TV, talking about their feelings and state of health after the procedure. Of course, only positive examples: "After the second vaccination, the state of health is still normal, there was not even a minor ailment. I advise absolutely every resident not to be afraid and sign up for vaccinations", "All conscious people should be vaccinated, so that every day they do not live with fear for their health and for the health of their children and parents", "There was no temperature or chills after the vaccinations. The state of health did not change, I get vaccinated against the flu every year, and everything is fine after the vaccination against covid. I would like to say thank you to our doctors for their work". I think that everyone understands that this is pure advertising and that is why there is no more confidence in the Sputnik V vaccine, especially after that.

What else are "officials" and "people's" media silent about? The fact that despite the start of vaccination in the "DNR", there is a high mortality rate from coronavirus. Each of the Donetsk residents has one or more acquaintances or relatives in their inner circle, who have died from the new virus. But they will not talk about it on TV.

Having tried the internet a little, I found the following figures: 2741 children were born in Donetsk from January to October 2020 and 10637 people died. 1354 children were born in Makiivka in 10 months and 3608 more people died. 388 children were born in Yenakiieve during the same period and 1760 people died. Of course, not covid is to blame for such a high mortality rate. But something suggests that if the cities of the "republic" had a more comprehensive approach to the treatment of a new infection, then these figures would be much lower.

Time will tell whether vaccination will improve the quality of life of residents of the uncontrolled Donbas. However, there are some doubts. Because if you call a spade a spade, then there is not a massive, but rather an insane vaccination in the "republic" according to the principle of agitation. After all, no one says that some have already developed their immunity after an illness and there is no need for vaccination. The fact that you need to take not only a test for COVID-19, but Wassermann test before the vaccination is also not said. It turns out that it is not important here, whom to vaccinate and how, but just to put more "ticks". And it is also a pity that teachers were once again put on the forefront of propaganda…

Liusia Molchanova, Donetsk, for OstroV