Russia turns Donbass into desert. Why Kremlin needs passportization 12/12/2019 12:33:00. Total views 2472. Views today — 0.

The long-running military conflict in the Donbass provoked a situation with the "passportization" of the local population. As if fencing off from Ukraine, the "authorities" of CADLO (of course, as agreed with the Kremlin), could not think of anything cleverer than how to show their "independence" by issuing the main identity card to the citizens of the "republic". It was at that time that an outdoor advertisement with a quote from the first "head" of the "DNR" - "Donbass decides its fate itself" appeared throughout the city, and the walls of buildings urged to get the "DNR" passport.

For the most ideological, who were tearing Ukrainian passports with annoyance in the early days of the war, this was a real chance to have at least some kind of the identity document. Such a "passport" was also needed by those who lost the Ukrainian one and did not have the opportunity to restore it in the territory controlled by Kyiv. It is not only dangerous to move around the CADLO territory without a document at all (military patrols can stop you right on the street for identification), but no one will give out social payments.

Taking this step, the "authorities" were sure that kilometer lines of thousands of people would be lined up for the "DNR passport". However, the alleged excitement was not observed exactly until they began to issue passports of the Russian Federation. As it is known, only those who already have a "republican" "identity card" can become owners of this document.

A decree of the President of Russia on a simplified procedure for providing Russian passports to the LDNR residents was issued on April 24 of this year, provided that they are already citizens of CADLO.

Those who were already working in Russia and had to cross the border of the Russian Federation every 90 days so that there were no problems with the migration service were most happy about this event. They rushed home, to the uncontrolled Donbass, nervously looked for the "right" people who could speed up the process of submitting documents, since they had no opportunity to wait three or four months. It was at that time that the full house began in the passport offices. People stood in line from 5 a.m., wrote down their number and, like in the "good" Soviet times, went to check out for months until they got the opportunity to apply for a package of documents for the "DNR" passport.

They had to go through seven more circles of hell to obtain a Russian passport. But it was worth it, because after all these ordeals, they will be able to legally get a job in the Russian Federation.

One can only guess why Russia took this step. Maybe, in order to show the disappointed "LDNR" citizens, who have been out of the legal field for more than five years, that they have not forgotten about them.

Or maybe to be able to put pressure on Ukrainian and European politicians in the negotiation processes, threatening with the integration of the region into the Russian Federation.

Some pro-Russian citizens believe that in the case of reintegration of the "LDNR" into Ukraine, they were thus given the opportunity to choose: flee to Russia or remain in the territory of Donbass, but under the protection of Russian citizenship.

But most likely - this is only the tip of the iceberg. After all, the consequences of passportization can be much more serious than it seems at first glance. First of all, because in the case of reintegration, the territories on which Russian citizens will already live will return to Ukraine…

This is already a factor shaping the attitude of residents of free Ukraine to the population of occupied Donbass. But do not jump to conclusions!

It is needed to understand that the passportization process is not often done voluntary. Indeed, the "authorities" of CADLO are putting a plan on passportization of the local population before the "people's police" for some reason.

However, the "law enforcers" are working in this direction well. The website of the "DNR MIA" often updates information regarding the process of obtaining passports of the "DNR" and the Russian Federation. It was reported just last week that opening of additional inter-district document reception centers is being considered - two in Donetsk and one each in Makiivka and Horlivka, which will make it possible to serve more than 200 citizens per day.

The Migration Service has also increased the number of reception days since November 12 - from two to six. Even SMS messages on this occasion were sent to all subscribers of the local mobile operator Phoenix. They also reported that everyone can take an electronic ticket for the passport line - such a "state in a smartphone".

But it turns out that it is not enough to fulfill the plan. All "civil servants" are literally forced to receive the passports of the "DNR" and the Russian Federation. Even those who are not going to leave because of age.

Announcements of recruitment to the mines of Yakutia were pasted at the mines, where, as you know, there has been a problem with the payment of wages for a long time. They promise official employment, respectable wages and full social package. But the key to all these benefits is Russian passport.

Leaving aside the political background of the passportization process, one can see another catastrophe for the uncontrolled Donbass. Users of social networks, not indifferent to its fate, have already openly written about this. They express concern that, having received a passport of the Russian Federation, all able-bodied people will try to leave this territory as soon as possible, and only old people and "plankton that cannot think and create" will stay here.

This is the real prospect that awaits the Donbass. The process has already begun and it is irreversible. At first, all equipment was removed from enterprises that had been stably operating until 2014; then the mine equipment was plundered; and now Russia is stealing man power with the help of passportization. Because there is no doubt that after receiving Russian citizenship, people will quit their jobs and leave for the territory of the Russian Federation. Indeed, no one wants to stay in the "republic" with its beggarly wages, unemployment and volatile situation. Everything will end with the fact that only the old people, deceived and abandoned to the whims of fate, will remain on the ruins of their houses. And the military who defend the borders of the Russian world…

Liusia Molchanova, Donetsk