"Body Commissar". How the "DPR" uses women ... 12/14/2015 14:10:30. Total views 2059. Views today — 0.

The spin doctors of the "DPR" are seriously using Donetsk girls, involving them in their invented war. In fact, we are witnessing a large-scale experiment of gender, where young women are used as agents of ideological (and other) influence.

In the past six months at stops of Donetsk and public transport the increased attention is paid to young ladies dressed in camouflage with stripes "Donbass Law Academy" – these are 17-year-old students, future employees of the "State Security Service".

The "authorities" of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" are seriously worried about the preparation of "qualified professionals".

In July this year "the head of the "self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" signed the "Decree" on creation of "specialized faculty of judicial training for state security" as a part of "higher education" of Donbass Law Academy", which is financed by the "state budget".

The so-called "Minister of Education" has developed a procedural document, calling it "Admission to public higher education institution" of Donbass Law Academy" of Donetsk People's Republic in 2015/2016 academic year", which describes in detail the procedure of admission:

"Applicants wishing to study in the DLA at the Faculty of judicial training for the Ministry of State Security in specialization 6.030401"Jurisprudence" at the expense of the state budget, have to apply personally in the written form to the Ministry of State Security of the DPR, which carries out registration of candidates’ cases for training and directs applicants for a compulsory medical examination in the permanent medical expert commission. The Ministry of State Security sends registered cases of candidates for training to the Admissions Office of the DLA ..."

"... For applicants of this category it is obligatory to pass psychological test and medical examination prior to the application deadline at the Faculty of the DLA ..."

"... Those who enroll in the DLA for training at the expense of the state on the conditions of the target reception according to the established quotas, have to provide an assignment issued by the state administration, as well as ministries and other central bodies of executive power ..."

"... If a student is recommended for admission financed by the state for the highest rate of the priority specified in the application, the application with the lower priority rate is automatically void ..."

According to the results of entrance examinations about 150 people enrolled in the faculty, most of them are girls, yesterday's graduates of Donetsk schools.

The authorities of the "new republic" regularly visit students "to explain the goals, objectives and understanding of what for the "Donetsk Republic" public movement has been created...

"The lessons of the academy" are not in vain. Some young beauty students have already experienced "arresting 35 subversives "that allegedly intruded into the territory of the "republic". The girls very often are dressed in civilian clothes, walk in the streets and watch the passers-by, motorists, teenagers. And, in the case of suspicious situations they immediately report to the hotline "MSS DPR". According to witnesses, thanks to the "vigilance" of one of these "students" a "subversive, taking photos of streets of the city" was noted in one of the trolleybuses. The police team stopped the trolleybus and detained the "terrorists".

Meanwhile, as the younger generation in the face of yesterday's schoolgirls learns how to observe and "detain" the authorities of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" actively engage young women in "state bodies". At the checkpoints, in the "public institutions" in Donetsk, including the "commandant" young women aged 19-25 are frequently met, they are good-looking, sociable, dressed in uniform, usually with chevrons of the "police of the DPR" or "MSS DPR".

Their duties include the interrogation of detainees on suspicion of subversive activities, checking the documents of persons crossing the line of demarcation, the collection of intelligence information among the population. And it is not uncommon that women were allowed to take senior positions in the "state military units". For example, the commander of cadets or recruits fighters.

In the video, the speaker of "Ministry of State Security of the DPR" explains how "MSS officers" "secretly intruded the meeting of the "International Rescue Committee" (The International Rescue Committee (IRC), and revealed" the illegal activities of American spies".

"Republican" authorities understand that women are recruited because of their emotionality and heightened perception of social injustice, and if they indoctrinate, become propaganda agents, the coverage of all sectors of society will take place less time and will be less painful. Therefore, a lot of "republican" attention is paid to work with young women and their involvement in the work of "public authorities".

Maxim Ksilantev, Donetsk, OstroV