It drives mad that Kyiv deprived citizens of "DNR" and "LNR" of electoral rights. Review of separatist publications 04/02/2019 23:41:00. Total views 1931. Views today — 0.

Something strange happened in the separatist information resources last week – pre-election for the free territories. The "DNR/LNR" leaders, who tirelessly asserted for five years that the "republics" were not Ukraine, suddenly became concerned that the mythical "people of Donbass" were deprived of the opportunity to participate in the election of the Ukrainian president.

"I was chasing you for three days to say how indifferent you are to me"

Some "social activists from Europe" and "foreign journalists", who were repeatedly noticed in the propaganda work for the separatist authorities, mobilized to get out a message to readers that, in fact, Ukrainian citizens live in the occupied territories.

It all started with the fact that a certain Finnish citizen Janus Putkonen, on behalf of "representatives of European countries, called on the world community not to recognize the upcoming presidential election in Ukraine due to the refusal of the right to vote for millions of Ukrainians living in Russia (the CEC decided not to open polling stations in the aggressor country – OstroV) and Donbass". He posted a petition titled "Stop the false election in Ukraine!" on the international platform change.org, where he complained that the residents of Donbass, without specifying exactly which part of it, was allegedly denied the right to vote. Let us recall that the hot Finnish guy named in the separatist media "journalist and political analyst" is editor-in-chief of the DONi Donbass News Agency created in the occupied territories. This agency, in fact, is a waste tank for dirty anti-Ukrainian lampoons in a foreign-language press, and its chief editor was awarded the Eurasian Popular Front "medal" "To commemorate the creation of Novorossia" for his loyalty to the ideas of the Russian World.

For 23 days, the petition created by him was signed by only 5 704 people, what did not prevent the separatist resources from publishing "authoritative opinions" regarding the Ukrainian election almost every day.

In particular, a complete misunderstanding of Ukrainian realities was demonstrated by deputy of the Parliament of Piedmont (Italy) Maurizio Marone, who, on the one hand, stated independence of the self-proclaimed "republics" from Ukraine, and on the other, was outraged that their "citizens" were not allowed to vote in the country's presidential election, with which, according to the militants, they have nothing to do.

"In these Ukrainian election, people of Donbass have been doubly a victim, because the UN and EU do not recognize the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics born as a result of the "democratic referendum" and do not give them the right to vote: the Western international community takes Donbass residents for ghosts", - he wrote. At the same time, he called a fantastic number of "deprived": "Kyiv denied the electoral law to Ukrainians living in Russia and Donbass. Thus, about nine million citizens were deprived of the opportunity to exercise their constitutional right".

Apparently, this figure was lowered to all "foreign journalists and social activists" from somewhere above: 9 million. So, a certain Gérald-hubert Fayard, head of the so-called "representative center of the DNR" in France, also wept crocodile tears over millions of ungiven votes in the Ukrainian election. However, probably due to an oversight by the separatist media editors, the Frenchman got confused in mathematical calculations. "This voting will not be legal due to the exclusion of thousands of voters from the number of voters, such as those who live in Russia, Crimea or Donbass", – he states. Then he clarifies that several thousand are the same 9 million: "Of the 35 million voters, about nine million people will be somehow deprived of the right to vote. About 25 percent!", - Fayard is sure.

There is no need to list the names of other speakers – all of them, one way or another, have been serving the propaganda machine of the "republics" for the fifth year. We confine ourselves to the most vivid quotes or headlines: "It drives me mad that the EU supports Kyiv's policy, not recognizing the choice of Donetsk and Luhansk residents", "Kyiv's decision to deprive residents of the "DNR" and "LNR" of electoral rights showed the absence of peaceful intentions of the Ukrainian authorities in Donbass", "All signatories of the petition "Stop the false election in Ukraine!" demand from the world community not to recognize the upcoming presidential election in Ukraine, since the Kyiv regime denied the right to vote to the millions of Ukrainians living in Russia and Donbass. The signatories want to pay attention to the massive election fraud and violence in Ukraine, demanding urgent political settlement of the military conflict in the Donbass" and so on.

All these howlers were summed up by the so-called "Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DNR". "Kyiv has shown that it does not intend to hold fair election, having limited the participation in the voting of the residents of Donbass and Ukrainian citizens in the territory of the Russian Federation. From the point of view of law, nothing has been done to invite those whom the Ukrainian party itself officially calls its citizens to participate in the election", - Natalia Nikanorova, who calls herself "Foreign Minister", complained about the alleged deprivation of civil rights of residents of the occupied Donbass.

"My husband is a scoundrel – give me back my husband"

Similar legitimization of the messages about the fact that residents of the "republics" of the occupied Donbass should have necessarily participated in the presidential election in Ukraine, outraged the separatist opposition. "Whatever you say, but the election (in Ukraine – OstroV), it is like that very litmus paper. Quite a useful thing, I tell you. Here, for example, we reed yesterday's statement of the Minsk underdog Mrs. Nikanorova. It turns out that the election in Ukraine is obviously dishonest. Why is that? Because Mrs. Nikanorova is convinced that the LDNR residents are not allowed to it (do not fall!). Think about it: official, head of the MFA (MFA, Carl!) of the independent (albeit unrecognized) state declares that its citizens are deprived of the opportunity to vote in the presidential election of another aggressor state, which is in a 5-year war with our state…", - author Andrey Safronov, popular in the separatist segment of Facebook, wonders.

The fact that the order to lambast Ukraine for the "dishonesty of the election" without "nine million" was received by the leaders of the "republics" from the very top (or from the very north) is evidenced by the organizational work of holding of meetings of thousands in occupied Donetsk and Luhansk on March 31, where "the people of Donbass" had to declare the inadmissibility of its exclusion from the number of voters. The compilation of lists of the participants in rallies, who are obliged to go to the square, smile and wave, was discussed in social networks two weeks before…

In order to somehow compensate for the spoiled weekend, the crowd was promised performances, let us say honestly, of not the brightest Russian pop stars. Officially, the occupation authorities did not talk about the rally, but state employees were warned that the unwillingness to listen to lip-synch Kliaver and Sogdiana on the Lenin Square in Donetsk could turn into dismissal. But, as the saying runs, something went wrong. Meetings of thousands and concerts of the invited "Russian pop stars" were canceled "due to technical difficulties" at the last minute.

"Donetsk is in a good mood today, sweet weather, today is St. George's' day in Donetsk. On Friday, there were orders to cancel gathering to the event in honor of Pushilin and Poroshenko. Residents of the republic can safely go about their business on their legal weekend… Unexpectedly, the fallen off serf service (about lists and gatherings near the Krupska Library) doubled the positive mood from an ordinary but fine spring day. There is no interest in discussing who and what for canceled the Ukrainian event, for which more than a million rubles were spent on balloons alone. There is no interest to listen about direct negotiations between Pushilin and Ukraine… Today is St. George's' day in Donetsk, a breath of fresh spring air, one day of freedom from arbitrariness, humiliation and coercion", - eternal oppositionist Donetsk Aborigine summed up the discussion about the feasibility of participation of residents of the occupied Donbass in the presidential election in Ukraine.


Reference. No one has deprived the Donbass residents of the right to vote. Polling stations were opened in the territories under the control of the legitimate authorities: 1 211 in the Donetsk oblast and 536 – in the Luhansk. As for the residents of the temporarily occupied territories, they could vote as well. In order to change the electoral address, it is necessary to contact the electoral register department in any region of free Ukraine and receive a document giving the rights to vote not at the place of registration.

The review was prepared by Yuriy BOVKH, OstroV