Directions of lies. Talking points how to describe "image of junta" and "image of Head" were spread in "LNR" 04/18/2018 11:18:00. Total views 951. Views today — 0.

"The Ministry of Education and Science" of the "LNR" spread talking points among the subordinate organizations for the events which they are holding this month.

The talking points outline propagandistic "vectors" which should be promoted at these events and their explanation.

In other words, these are ideological guidelines of the "LNR" for April of this year.

They are not only curious, but also symptomatic, since they show HOW the occupation administrations brainwash people living in the territories under their control and WHAT they want to present themselves and us like. In fact, this document defines the directions of lies. OstroV posts it without changes.


1. Image of Head

2. Image of "junta"

3. "We will never forget, we will never forgive"

4. Russia's support

5. "It is worse in Ukraine"

6. "Ukraine is to blame for everything"

7. Minsk process

8. Tailored solution to population's problems

9. Restoration of the Republic

10. Removal of social tension

11. Validation of the authorities' activities

12. People are coming back

Image of Head

The media form a positive image of the Republic's Head aimed at supporting positive expectations of the population. The coverage of image of the political leader corresponds to the events taking place in the Republic. Moreover, the involvement of the political leader is considered in every event. Among other things, we should not disregard personal traits of the LNR's Head because the coverage of personal characteristics is interesting to the reading audience and they can be conveyed by more accurate vivid literary images and comparisons.

In general, the task is to create a holistic image which includes a set of ideas about political opinions, practices and personal qualities that are able to cause the population's sympathy.

Image of "junta"

The Ukrainian government acts in the image of "junta" who came to power by illegal means. The authorities themselves tend to aggression, are into propensity towards conflict, improvidence, excessive unsafety and egocentrism. The image of Ukrainian criminals, fascists and national socialists is being formed in the media. There are stories about the crimes of the Kyiv's security officials, inaction of the Ukrainian authorities and so on.

This vector should always be traced in the content about VTS*.

"We will never forget, we will never forgive"

"Perpetuating the memory of fallen at the hands of Ukrainian aggressors. In this vector, you can use memorable sketches about pro-Russian fighters killed as a result of shelling civilians. Also, remind the audience of the tragic dates (anniversary of shelling, beginning of ATO, etc.).

"Our heroes" is part of this vector.

Russia's support

The LNR regularly receives assistance from the Russian Federation. Thanks to this, the Republic builds and modernizes its infrastructure. They do not leave us in trouble in the political arena as well, fighting for the interests of the LNR on the international stage.

"Assistance of fraternal Russia" and "Russia is with us until the end" is part of this vector.

"It is worse in Ukraine"

Parallels (comparative analysis) of various spheres of life are drawn, where the LNR is clearly on velvet (cheaper communal flat, cheap bread, gasoline, dollar rate, etc.). Thus, an image that life in Ukraine is much worse than in the LNR is being formed. In this case, you can use anti-national laws and so on.

"Ukraine is to blame for everything"

The purpose of this vector is to preserve the memory of who and why launched the war in the Donbass. Violent coup in Kyiv in the winter of 2014 – actions of foreign special services and Ukrainian nationalists – destroyed factories and houses in the Donbass –  aggression of national battalions and the AFU, prolongation of the armed conflict – reluctance of the current Ukrainian authorities to cease hostilities. In addition, it should be recalled that for 23 years of independence, Ukraine has destroyed the industrial potential of Donbass and communal infrastructure in cities and regions.

Minsk process

The implementation of the Minsk agreements should be covered by media. At the same time, it should be regularly emphasized that the LNR implements them, but Ukraine does not. It is worthwhile to cover every point (aspect) of the Minsk process and demonstrate that it does not leave the political agenda of the Republic. It is necessary to state that the LNR wants to resolve the conflict by peaceful means.

Tailored solution to problems

The goal is to demonstrate the residents of the LNR that their problems and aspirations will be heard and resolved. It is time for demagogy and empty talk. The Republic has various state rehabilitation programs, charitable foundations and public organizations. Anyone who needs help, will get it.

Restoration of the Republic

The coverage of the program for the housing reconstruction, the launch of destroyed enterprises and capacity building. Journalists must emphasize that the Republic not only returns to the pre-war level of life, but also significantly steps forward, modernizing production, building better housing. At the same time, the authorities of the Republic are also engaged in ongoing repairs of the surviving objects.

Removal of social tension

Coverage of the activities of the LNR People's Council, concerts and various cultural events. Thus, we demonstrate normal and peaceful life in the Republic.

Validation of the authorities' activities

It should be argued that all authorities interact with each other and support the decisions made. At the same time, they are the will of the people. Any regulations, laws and other regulatory acts only improve the lives of residents. Therefore, in each adopted law, one should look for the most positive things, moving away from the condemnation and controversy of their acceptance.

People are coming back

This vector makes it possible to form a positive perception of the main events taking place in the LNR and the process of revival of the Republic as a whole. If people return back home, then: the standard of living in the LNR grows, programs for housing rehabilitation are working, new jobs are created at the restored enterprises. This vector allows drawing the attention of people who want to return to their homes, but have not yet made a final decision.

The events within the framework of the Humanitarian Program for the reunification of the Donbass peoples now refer to the following vectors, depending on the subjects of events: "It is worse in Ukraine", "People are coming back", "Validation of the authorities' activities", "Tailored solution to population's problems".

The activities within the framework of the Integration Program now refer to the vector "Russia's support".

Activities to cover the activities of the VTS* now refer to the following vectors: "Image of "junta", "Restoration of the Republic".

*ZAO Vneshtorgservis is an enterprise registered in South Ossetia, which provides "external management" of all major industrial enterprises of the region  OstroV

OstroV news agency, Research Center of Donbass Social Perspectives