"Without us, this territory would have been under Ukraine’s control long time ago". Review of separatist publications 04/05/2018 10:43:00. Total views 1326. Views today — 0.

Last week, separatist publications were more like journalism in the days of Brezhnev's stagnation. "Official" media monotonously told that "life has become better, life has become more fun". Users of social networks (who play the role of "opposition press") wrote that life in the "republics" is getting worse every day. People even felt nostalgic about the pre-war Ukrainian past.

Back in the USSR

If you believe the "official" website of the "DNR", cities and villages, workers and farmers, students and other citizens took an active part in the construction of a "republic without corruption and oligarchs". Almost every day, it was reported that the ruling party "held about 270 events in the cities and districts of the DNR to discuss the development strategy of the republic, more than 13 thousand residents of Donbass took part in them. Round tables, meetings with labor collectives, public hearings are held in the framework of the nationwide discussion. People express their vision for the development of the state for the coming decades. Discussions are held daily. While discussing the strategy “The Power of the Donbass", the residents realized that they were the creators of the future of the whole republic".

The inhabitants of the occupied Donbass are persuaded that "all incoming proposals and wishes of citizens are processed, analyzed and systematized in the framework of nationwide strategy discussion". And the bright future, according to the head of the executive committee of the so-called social movement Donetsk Republic Natalia Volkova, is not just around the corner, but is literally on the threshold.

"We are already building a state that is strong, economically independent and developed. I am sure that in the near future, the DNR will serve as an example for various regions of Ukraine, which sooner or later will also take the path of gaining sovereignty and, as a result, will re-establish the whole Ukraine", - the separatist media quoted her generous promises.

But the leader of the "DNR" does not promise, but acts. Again, in late-Brezhnev style, local journalists tell how Alexander Zakharchenko "instructed the authorities of Starobeshevsky district to deal with high prices for food". Workers complained about the high prices in stores, after what Zakharchenko "personally inspected several shops and the market" and concluded that "the prices are indeed higher than in Donetsk". He immediately got angry, summoned the chief taxman of the district and ordered "to check the validity of prices as soon as possible".

But Viktor Yatsenko, who calls himself "the Minister of Communications of the DNR" did not wait until he was ordered to cut prices. Through pro-government media, he said that "the cost of calls to landline numbers for subscribers of the republican mobile operator Phoenix will be three times cheaper from April 1". In addition, the "minister" said that he had almost launched 4G technology.

Probably, the minister expected that his "gift" at least deserves gratitude from the residents of the “republic”. But instead, social networks exploded with another series of criticisms of "republican" mobile communications. "Eat sh**t and die with your damned Phoenix. Can’t communicate neither with family nor with colleagues…."Geniuses" of communication..." , - ardent separatist Roman Lesnichenko expressed his common opinion.

It's not like that, guys...

It should be noted that last week the topic of criticism of the leader of the "DNR" and his team was very popular in the information space of the occupied Donbass. Blogger Alexander Bolotov, known in the separatist circles, was outraged by the next stupidity of the leader of the "DNR". "We have actually overcome (Ukraine - OstroV), it’s just that we cannot officially declare it. We broke the spirit of the Ukrainian military, and this is the most important victory", - the media quoted Alexander Zakharchenko as saying.

"Zakharchenko stubbornly declares that he has won out... To be honest, I would not venture to say this to the whole universe... Maybe HE personally overcame somebody, I do not know. But the DNR did not overcome anyone. There is absolutely no mood drop in Ukraine", - Bolotov writes.

Then he explains very lucidly why there is no talk about any victory in the "republic", including with his participation. Moreover, he holds up hateful Ukraine as an example for the "DNR".

"The popular issue (what specifically affects any person). It is several times better planned and configured in Ukraine than in our country. Many issues are really set for ordinary people. You can take a number, make out a subsidy, documents and a lot of other things via the Internet", - Bolotov admits, reminding that it is necessary to join the queue at 5 a.m. in a "state without corruption and oligarchs" only to get a ticket for admission to the "center of administrative services ".

In the same way, according to Alexander Bolotov, the "republic" loses to Ukraine in the banking sector – in order to get into the so-called "central republican bank", it is necessary to stand in line "under the snow, sun, rain and so on". He also remembered the queues for start packages of Phoenix, working with massive disruptions, and even for the fake passports of "citizens of the DNR". "I do not care about the neo-fascists of Ukraine, but you have to be honest!" In Ukraine, a person does not need to stand in a QUEUE on the STREET", - the apologist of the "DNR" is indignant.

"The poverty is in Donetsk… It is impossible to live with one salary… We have to survive, and not to live… there is no MTS (connection with Ukraine). It is impossible to communicate with relatives and friends…", - Bolotov does not calm down. "People want the old times", - he falls into complete dissent.

At the same time, he does not criticize the very idea of separating Donbass from Ukraine. In his opinion, all of the above described is a "conspiracy, corruption or betrayal of the Motherland and people". The blogger asks to consider him not as a "Uke", but as a person who cheers up for the fate of the "DNR". "We are building the Republic or what?", - he sums up.

The picture of a serious disappointment of people in the successes is supplemented by the blogger nicknamed "Donetsk Aborigine", apparently, once related to the formation of the "republic". "I found the folly to ventilate social networks, if the picture is depressing. No, I do not deny that the authorities have a support group, though they make no bones of their involvement in the Ministry of Information. People do not usually react to the republican news flow… There is a big discord in the news and real life. There is a feeling that we totally f**ked up about this in this direction… If there is something alive it is not due to the authorities, but in spite of - due to the negligence", - he writes.

Disgraced creator of the terrorist Vostok Battalion Alexander Khodakovsky did not miss the opportunity to kick the authorities too. As a man who holds himself out as a wise military leader, he criticized the training of reservists for the army of militants. "Do you know how our partial mobilization is accompanied? Do you know that in order to equip reservists, the operating units have to return the uniform obtained in… 2015, which has long since decayed on the frontline? Do you know that in order to feed reservists, the operating units deduct ten percent of their daily allowances? Do you know that there is a drastic deficiency in the units on the frontline, which is trying to be closed by reservists, but it does not come off?", - the militant is indignant.

Unlike civil critics, Khodakovsky persistently applies the uniform of Napoleon to himself, ready to replace the bankrupt authorities. "I gathered several thousands of people under my flags, and I have the reason to believe that this territory would have been under the control of Ukraine for a long time since without us", - the traitor, the former commander of the Donetsk "Alpha" of the SBU continuous to remind. He has not yet talked about the coup d'etat in the "DNR", but this topic is becoming more and more evident in his posts in social networks, which the militant calls his media resource.

"One funny person wrote to me yesterday, apparently, hurt by my accusations against the current commanders-in-chief that they are, putting it lightly, slowly betraying us, that I should be silent - my bus is gone. It is not for the first time that I hear such comments about the bus from the supporters of the current authorities. The current for now - because if it goes that way any further, then "Bandera will come and bring the order" for sure. I agree with this person a little, namely: the bus is mine. I built it myself, I manage it myself, I covered it with armor myself, and this armored bus is not on the sideline - it is quite in the business", - Khodakovsky almost threatens.

"One thing is for certain and I give you my word: while I am alive - the asses will be shaking", - the potential military dictator sums up.

The review was prepared by Yuriy Bovkh, OstroV