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In fact, mobilization has begun in the territories controlled by the "DNR-LNR". Although the leaders of these organizations call it just ordinary reservist training, but it does not change the essence of what is happening: all the combat-capable male residents are not only registered in military registration and enlistment offices, but are also trained for a couple of weeks to fight.

It must be said that such a policy evokes quiet sabotage and open resistance of the population of the "republics". For example, a resident of Luhansk, Nikolai Vulich, reported in his blog that on January 30, the miners of Betmanove held a real riot by refusing to go to military training.

In Donetsk, the occupation authorities also had to justify themselves that allegedly there was no mobilization and Zakharchenko's decree on the creation of conscription commissions had nothing to do with mobilization. However, the order for enterprises and organizations to send their male personnel to the military enlistment office greatly alarmed people.

Let us try to understand the details of what is happening in the occupied territory and what causes such a situation.

Let's start with the basics. We will remind you that martial law and compulsory universal military obligation operate in the so-called "DNR" and "LNR". That is, in accordance with the law of the "DNR" On Military Duty and Military Service, any of the "citizens" of the "DNR-LNR" can legitimately be mobilized at any moment. Because the law, which, by the way, was adopted as early as 2015, but about which only few people know, says: "During the period of martial law and in wartime, the military duty of citizens is determined by the Constitution, laws and other regulatory legal acts of the Donetsk People's Republic and provides:

- a call to military service under mobilization, martial law and in time of war; active service during the period of mobilization, martial law and in time of war; military training in times of martial law and in wartime".

I will remind you once again - martial law and wartime are operating in the "DNR-LNR" right now. So, from the point of view of the occupation "law" everything is legal. The same miners can be taken not just to the reservists training, but immediately to frontline, if Zakharchenko or Pasechnik want so. Another thing is that, realizing what kind of reaction this would cause, it was easier for Moscow to send its so-called "volunteers" than to force locals to fight. Therefore, no one knew that they could easily be conscripted at any time. Although, this information was not a secret. For example, the same Zakharchenko, back in June 2016, stated that he could easily announce mobilization if necessary, but he hoped to recruit volunteers.

Video: I think we will announce recruitment of volunteers. I assume there could be from 30 to 40 thousand of volunteers only in our territory... But if it is necessary, we will announce mobilization.

Remember this figure - Zakharchenko expected to recruit 30-40 thousand volunteers in case of an attack on the “DNR”. Later you will understand why.

It is interesting, that he counts not only on men, but also on women:

Video: You know, it's useful, probably not only for men, but for women as well. The country is at war, so the residents must be able to handle weapons. And since our law lets us to keep any kind of small arms up to the 12.7 caliber at home, everyone should know the basics of handling weapons.

It is important that another adherent of the “Russian world”, Alexander Khodakovsky, who is oppositional to Zakharchenko, agrees with him on this matter. He speaks about the need not only for mobilization, but also for military service for a regular term, and assures that this is only a matter of time.

Video: If we are building a state, we need it. If we are going to be successful, we need both mobilization and compulsory service. Why not? First, it has never harmed anyone. Because a society, that does not bear obligations and responsibilities, is on the downward path. What we can notice even now... I think that we cannot do without such measures, because the potential of our state will not allow us to keep military units only on payment terms.

In general, the real possibility to find yourself on the frontline was always obvious, so it is not clear why the people suddenly began to resent only now. In fact, even the reasons for the total mobilization were not concealed. The fact is that last April, the “DNR-LNR” have already conducted reservists training. And everything was told openly:

Video: the largest mobilization meeting of reservists was held at the training range near Shakhtarsk. 30 thousand people came to show Ukraine: it is impossible to break down the residents of the DNR and if necessary, they are ready to defend their land with weapons in their hands… The reservists were going to demonstrate their combat readiness in case of the AFU attempt to treacherously attack the Donbass.

That is, the reservists were used to scare Ukraine, in case it suddenly decided to liberate its territories. They, of course, frighten. Especially given that the meeting, as well as the current one, was compulsory. That is, people were driven to it by force. But draw attention, there are 30 thousand reservists! Do you remember this figure?

Video: I think a drafting of volunteers will be announced. Volunteers can give from 30 to 40 thousand only in our territory.

That is, everyone who is being driven to military training today – automatically become "volunteers" tomorrow.

But not only they. Zakharchenko believes that all residents of the republics should die for his house in Abkhazia and retail chains, grabbed in Donetsk.

Video: Every day, the Ukrainian media talks how a valiant Ukrainian army should kill us all. And today, in this field, we showed them all that not only our army, but all our people are fighting in the Donbass… I repeat once again that not only our army, but all our people are fighting. And the size of our army is 2 million – all the adult population of the DNR.

I did not say as a fashion of speech that according to Zakharchenko, people should become a meat shield for his power and capital that he acquired by heading the so-called "DNR". The fact is that under the pressure of the U.S. sanctions, Moscow is increasingly talking about the need to implement the Minsk agreements. Moreover, Moscow hastens to do it before the presidential election in Ukraine in order to bring the pro-Russian president into power in Kyiv and the pro-Russian majority into the Verkhovna Rada with the help of the Donbass. So Russia needs Minsk. And the Minsk agreements, as you remember, presuppose not only the return of the occupied regions of Donbass to Ukraine, but also the restoration of Kyiv's control over the state border with Russia. That is what Zakharchenko is afraid of. Because after that, he is nobody – a waste. So he is ready to go even against Moscow not to bring peace.

Video:But what will they never take away from us? The border with Russia will not be taken away. It is impossible to take the border with your homeland. Yes, it is possible to make a political decision, yes, it is possible to declare that we agree, even against our will, but, sorry, about 150 thousand our people passed through the war. The first decree I made was a permit to possess and bear a firearm. Yes, we understand that we will not survive alone, without Russia. This is natural, there are no illusions. And they could not exist even in principle. But Russia will definitely receive about one million and a half refugees. And the remnants will start fighting until either they do not kill us all, or we will kill so many Ukrainians that they will forget about the border.

So, the closer peaceful de-escalation of the conflict, the greater chances for residents of the so-called "DNP-LNR" that any Zakharchenkos and Pasechniks will use them as a meat shield. In fact, it is someone else's blood. And war is the basis of their power.

Video: It is impossible to be a democrat in a warring state. I believe democracy is enemy. And liberalism is enemy twice. It should be eradicated as such. While we are wearing uniforms and fighting – there must be strict management, there must be a rigid vertical of power and the authority must work as a unified military unit.

Let us return to Luhansk blogger Nikolai Vulich once again.

"Just yesterday, 7 of our guys were killed by Ukes…. No one can replace them. So we need to train men in order to replace our fallen heroes. The authorities are afraid to make no bones about the mobilization, as this will lead to violent riots"…

I do not know what to add – everything is clear. People, especially those who were taken hostages by the Russian World, do not swallow the propaganda crap from your TV, - analyze what is happening. And remember – the devil is in the detail…

Serhiy Harmash, "…In the detail", OstroV

PS: when the video material was ready, the "Decree" of the "DNR" leader A. Zakharchenko, which directly states that military training is conducted "in order to timely fill the losses in military units during the intensification of the military threat", was published in Donetsk.