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Last week, a number of texts appeared on the websites of the Luhansk and Donetsk "republics", attacking the former "regionals", primarily the former main "sponsor" of the Party of Regions Rinat Akhmetov.

Lugansk Media Centre publishes texts that abuses Akhmetov week in, week out. The authors of the latter proved to their readers that the transition of state mines of Rovenkyanthracite state-owned enterprise in the hands of this Donetsk oligarch brought serious damage to Rovenky.

When his DTEK took these mines into concession, Lugansk Media Centre wrote, "having raised wages a little, which did not even fall within the framework of inflation indexing, Akhmetov ordered the entire city infrastructure to be thrown off the balance of almost "private" enterprise. Management of the enterprise sometimes arranged demonstrative doors "painting" in the destroyed houses of micro-districts, calling it "major repairs", while the effluents filled the cellars to the top. The city headily degraded for these several years of "concession"… But not only had the city seen an evil grin of capitalism in the face of DTEK. Mines were turned into hazardous production facilities, where people were constantly dying. This is because they economized primarily at the expense of production and safety of miners".

"Modern history of the return of Rovenkyanthracite to the people's control is only being written, — the text continued, strongly hinting that the affairs at the mentioned enterprises are bad today. — It is very difficult, not only to hold, but also to develop such a large enterprise under the conditions of war and blockade. But this is the light at the end of the tunnel of hopelessness, into which DTEK has lured the city! With all the difficulties of external management, working for the benefit of the People's Republic gives strength to our outstanding miners. Workers of the city coal enterprises live and work with a hope for future".

In turn, the "official website" of the Donetsk "republic" reported that "in an interview with employees of the "Komsomolets" Donbassa Mine state-owned enterprise, where external management was introduced, Denis Pusilin, the Chairman of the People's Council of the DNR, commented on the negative role, played by the owner of enterprise, Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. "The enterprise has an owner who allegedly cares for it and for the Donbass. Unfortunately, his steps hinder, and they cannot be called "caring". The first step that was made when the transport blockade appeared was that he did nothing, although there is an Opposition Bloc, there are levers of influence. The second step was that he did not support employees of his enterprises. And the third step was financing of laboratories in Ukraine by Rinat Akhmetov himself, which identify coal from the Donbass. We have to fight against this. We do not have a larger buyer for our coal than Ukraine. We are working to find out the markets, and we will find them. But the existing economic ties are being broken thanks to such people as well", - Denis Pushilin said.

It was said in another of his reports — not about Akhmetov, but still about "external management", that "on July 29, a solemn presentation of membership cards of "The Donetsk Republic" social movement and humanitarian kits to employees of the Dokuchaievsky Flux-Dolomite Plant state-owned enterprise was held in Dokuchaievsk. Denis Puschilin, the Chairman of the People's Council of the DNR, took part in the event, correspondent of the official website of the DNR reports. "It is an open secret that the introduction of external management is a compulsory measure. No one prepared for it, no one planed the logistics chain, no one worked on the sale. If we did not introduce external management – a lot of enterprises would slip out of existence", — Denis Pusilin addressed those present. He also thanked employees of the enterprise for joining "The Donetsk Republic" social movement: "Social movement is a mechanism that allows reaching out to the entire leadership of the Republic without breaking the connection between power and people. Being a member of "The Donetsk Republic" social movement, you can reach the Head of the DNR with your problem, since Alexander Zakharchenko is the leader of "The Donetsk Republic" social movement, and solve many issues", — Denis Pusilin noted".

Many people — especially those who are particularly sensitive to the influence of administrative apparatus — were earlier driven to the Party of Regions in the same way in order to "solve many issues".

Crabs in a barrel

An entertaining text about those who came to replace the Party of Regions in the Donetsk "republic" was published on the Patriotic Forces of Donbass website. Its author is the owner of this resource, who is now in the "opposition", and one of the leaders of Russian Spring in the Donbass, Alexander Khodakovsky. Suddenly, he decided to assure his readers that he does not hold "clandestine work to discredit our poor authorities and whet dislike to them". However, this is not even necessary — they successfully do it by themselves ".

"But as long as we are — there will always be those who will use it, — he wrote further. For example, a story with a certain Zavdovieiev, one of Zakharchenko's closed one, who, according to the witnesses' statements, was involved in a premeditated murder . I mentioned a high degree of criminalization of the head of the republic's inner circle, and provided an example without names and details, that the parade along with him was inspected in the stands by a person who at least concealed a grave offence. But full soon, a publication that describes in detail who, whom, when and under what circumstances appeared. It is noteworthy that a few people knew about these "circumstances" — procuracy employees and policemen in immediate circle, I, and, in fact, witnesses, two of whom are already in remand prison, including as accomplices. In truth, I would not be surprised of the fact that they will be made suspects. But the point is that someone released a publication and hung it on us, about what Zakharchenko was kindly reported. Zakharchenko, who was sensitive to the crack-down on his favourite, has a sure-fire way to relieve the stress, and so I do not really worry about him, but someone played a mean trick".

"Such a game is being played constantly — and there is a suspicion that this is not only the work of the opponent's hands, — he continued. — I have already written many times that the attempts of provocations of far worse order were repeatedly suppressed by me as well. These are trivial matters that Zakharchenko's inner circle gave him an idea with Malorossia, which he now has to renounce in diplomatic form. For example, the idea to go and destroy Igor Bezler's team, when he was no longer there, was much worse. When this happened before my eyes, I thought that I was dreaming — I did not believe that this could even be said by a man who has a brain. But he did not invent it himself. Probably, someone put the idea in his head".

"These are very dangerous games, and in our situation it is equivalent to playing with fire. I want to warn Zakharchenko and his entourage: everything that comes from our organization is done publicly, directly, without hiding. The author's personality is voiced, as a rule, by me, — Khodakovsky said. —We have rights and grounds for claims and our own opinions, but we do not conduct subversive work. "We try to minimize the amount of dirty tricks, and therefore, when you receive a message or whispering, search among your entourage. We do not write reports to the "upper levels" — everyone sees and understands everything, we do not dig up dirt. There is a war, we have an enemy, and we have you, miserable people. You are already being torn to pieces from this situation, and we do not want to aggravate your situation, so that you will not start geeking out more than you already have. Stay strong".

"The Donbass issue is not on the agenda of the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church"

On the occasion of the christianization of Kievan Rus, Novorossia news agency decided to report loudly that it was offended by the Moscow Patriarchate. The text of the article was as follows: "the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphriy blessed all the believers on the Day of the christianization of Kievan Rus to pray for Ukraine. "According to the blessing of Onuphriy, all believers belonging to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church should read the prayer "Pater Noster" 12 times at 12:00, adding the words "Lord, have mercy on us. Forgive our sins and bless Ukraine and our people with peace", —a statement on the website of the Luhansk and Alchevsk Eparchy of the UOC said. Naturally, the believers of Donbass, whom Ukraine has been shelling for 4 years, ask why should they pray for Ukraine?"

"In the current circumstances of rampant Russophobia, rewriting history, the persecution of the Orthodox believers in Ukraine, it is indignant to pray for Ukraine, — the Novorossia correspondent was outraged. — No way. In the prayer "to terminate civil strife in Ukraine", which with the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill is read during the Divine Liturgy in every temple of the Russian Orthodox Church, there are such words: O Lord Jesus Christ, our God, mercifully look upon thy eye on grief of thy children in the Ukrainian land. In the Orthodox churches of Donbass (except territory under Ukrainian control), the word "Ukrainian" is replaced by "our". On real services, it is read as "Russian" or "Novorossian". Moreover, this replacement was due to a tacit blessing of the ruling bishop "not to anger the people".

"At the same time, very few churches in Russia continue to pray for peace "in Ukraine". The Russian media continues to insist on calling the war in Donbass "conflict in the east of Ukraine". So much so, that the well-known Orthodox priest Dmitry Smirnov in his conversation with Ivan Okhlobystin speaks about the impossibility of integrating the Donbass republics into Russia because of the limited Russian budget. "It is one thing to help by giving humanitarian aid, and another thing is to pay pensions and salaries", — the Orthodox priest said".

"It should be noted that unfortunately, the Donbass issue is not on the agenda of the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church. From 2014, Patriarch Kirill has not once addressed the people of Donbass publicly. Have we become the collective persona non grata for the higher hierarchy of our church? I want to be wrong, but the reality yet does not speak in favor of Donbass. Where is the voice of the church? Where are the pastors, the accusers of lawlessness in Ukraine? Where are the real peace initiatives? These questions are uncomfortable and rhetorical…", — the report of the Novorossia concluded.

Top Secret Program

A few more news from the CDDLO. The "official website" of the "republic" reported a "sensation", according to the "head of the republic": "60mm mortars are produced in the context of the secret program of the military-industrial complex of Donbass. The production of weapons of this caliber is associated with the need to strike noiseless counterattacks on the enemy without revealing our positions. The Minsk agreements did not stipulate the use of weapons of such caliber, so it does not contradict them. "You know that Ukrainians not only shell us every day, but constantly occupy the territory of the so-called "gray zone". That is, they are approaching us at a distance of several hundred meters. And they constantly arrange provocations. We must somehow defend ourselves, and the development of the defence industry of the DNR is important for us. This is a high-tech production, for which we have all the necessary resources, the main ones are intellectual", — Zakharchenko specified".

Meanwhile, Lugansk Media Centre earned that "today the head of the LNR Igor Plotnitsky ordered the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of the LNR, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Customs Committee and the State Committee of Taxes and Levies to terminate the activity of carriers violating the legislation of the Republic. "22 vehicles were inspected at the checkpoint ("Chernukhino") and seven violations of the current legislation were identified", — the acting Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Vladimir Gerasimchuk said. "Unfortunately, I note that illegal transportation by 8-seat buses continue", — he stated".

In this regard, "the head of the Republic instructed the aforementioned ministries and departments to carry out a number of activities aimed at identifying and punishing carriers violating the legislation of the republic". "This issue should be dealt with. It is necessary to take tough and decisive measures against violators, up to the confiscation of the vehicle", — Plotnitsky said".

The review was prepared by Sofia Petrovska, OstroV