Letter from Makiivka: hard times on May holidays 05/26/2017 23:11:00. Total views 1307. Views today — 0.

"You will take part in May holidays at will, voluntarily", - was said by the leadership at one of the enterprises of the city in late April. Then they warned the day before May 1 that it is better to take part, of course, you know what your absence at the event will mean. "Ahhh, it is clear, it means voluntary-compulsory, as in the old days", - one of the employees said in a low voice. "Well, yes, but do not tell anyone about this", - was the response of the authorities.

"Festive" vanity gave way to rumors in early May, causing fear among those who are still waiting for the Ukrainian flag in Makiivka. The first is that allegedly Putin is ready to take the entire former Donetsk oblast to Russia, but only including Mariupol. It was said that large-scale military operations will be conducted for this city as a strategic object, up to bacteriological, biochemical, etc. weapon employment.

The heart clenches from horror and pain for the future of Ukraine and the Donetsk oblast. A niece with her husband and seven-year-old daughter lives in Mariupol! What will happen to them?! We immediately rushed to monitor all the latest news on this topic on the Internet. Having analyzed the information, we calmed down slightly, since there has been no sharp aggravation of military operations in this direction lately. Thank God, this rumor was not confirmed yet. The key word for us is yet…

Another one along the lines of "a little bird told": people said that it will be worse in the "DPR" than at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. They said we have a large number of flooded mines here – without unwatering. Methane gas (and others) gets into groundwater, which will lead to a significant increase in radiation. Naturally, the authorities are silent about this, most people do not know anything about it, they do not even guess. But the whole soil will be radioactive, in general, we are goners…

In a state of shock from the heard, we ask friends who work in the city research institute for security of mining operations for clarifications on this issue. Fortunately, the experts in this field spiked the rumor. Yes, the level of radiation in the Donbass has always been increased, just mine wastes indicate a considerable level of radioactivity. The water level in the cellars of private houses nearby the flooded mines unavoidably rises, it will be possible to make a fire directly in the basement (in consequence of high gas contamination). The soil will also be radioactive, but it has always been this way on this territory. In general, there is no direct threat to our life. We have been living here for a long time, and the body has adapted, we have a kind of immunity to increased radiation from the childhood. Phew! This does not kill us. We will live… How much? The question is rhetorical for us, it should not be asked… Let the God decide...

May holidays are pulled through

Friday, April 28, 2017, morning. A bright voice of the presenter, broadcasting about the latest news and achievements of… our "republic", is traditionally heard from the speakers in the center of the city. The presence in restricted area is deeply felt. Negative associations involuntarily arise. The Information Bureau reports… (about the beginning of the war in 1941). You would be glad to forget about the hybrid and mean present war, but everything around is not just remind, but shouts about it.

There was no demonstration in Makiivka on May 1. It was colorful and bright in the "capital of the republic" - in Donetsk. The pensioners of Makiivka were hurt by this: "Why did they offend our city, why did not they hold a May Day demonstration? All hoped, waited…". The authorities decided not to overload with holidays because the "Immortal Regiment" is in the mandatory program on May 9.

May 8, 2017… It was not so anxiously in my soul in my entire life as on the eve of 9 May. I did not take part in any events in 2015 and 2016. But I will go tomorrow, I will have to take part in order not to be out of a job. I prepare myself morally with all mental forces.

The morning of May 9. The first strong impression offends the eye: heaps of people with folded flags, black at the flagstaff. Clear association with funeral procession.

There is an excitement in the center of the city, the orchestra plays, red flags with the image of hammer and sickle flutters. The representatives of the Communist Party, radiant with happiness, are ready to embrace and kiss everyone who came.

Numerous columns of people with portraits of relatives who had died during the Great Patriotic War. You cannot define the ambiance in one word. New tradition… Someone tries to raise a portrait of their relative with a pride, others walk modestly, lowering their eyes and wiping involuntary tears, but everyone wants to go through it as soon as possible.

Finally, we start to go. On the sides of the central street, a police officer stands every 3-5 meters. It worries, though, logically, it should calm. The procession is greeted by schoolchildren in khaki, orange, white and blue caps, waving with artificial and real flowers. The boys and girls chant under the guidance of the teacher: "Happy Victory Day!", "Congratulations!", "Hooray!". Separate classes of exemplary educational institutions of the city prepared and learned chants, which they tell in a chorus, diligently stressing every word.

Surprisingly, very few residents came to see this campaign. As it turned out later, the bulk of the population was in the columns. Slightly more than a dozen of people were in white shirts, T-shirts, blouses and looked at the column with undisguised joy and admiration.

But the looks in the eyes of other viewers just stroke with indifference, not expressing any emotion, neither positive nor negative. The familiar emaciated voidness was felt. No more tears, emotions. Not a life anymore, but some kind of forced existence. Most likely, these were the residents of the outskirts of the city, which are constantly being shelled.

The procession approached the square where the rally had already begun. On this, our participation in the events ends, we return to work.

On May 11, Republic Day, the Donetsk march started at 14.00, and all events lasted until 12.00. Participants were warned to wear comfortable shoes and take some snacks with them. After 12.00 am, they were transported by buses. They say, there were representatives of ALL (!) cities in the Donetsk region, including Mariupol. Another "mock-up", a decoration, an illustration for the Russian media. Like, look at how all the residents of the Donbass are eager to merge into a single ecstasy with the "DPR"!

Feast in time of plague

Friday, May 12, 2017. The city was empty. The bulk of the population was outside the city. On holidays, everyone wants to leave - to Russia, Ukraine, recreation areas, kitchen gardens.

All miners are on unpaid vacation for the whole May. Coal mining is stopped. Both coke plants are idleness. On May 12, the metallurgical plant carried out a miserable trial order after more than two months of downtime. The further fate and prospects of mines and city-forming enterprises are more than vague.

Many locals found themselves back at the bottom of the ladder: youth left for Russia or Ukraine, they rent apartments and barely survive, and their parents or grandparents stayed here, looking after their homes and do not know what to expect. It seems that we should rejoice, but somehow it does not work out very well. But with all this goes the main subtext: "Celebrate as you wish. The main thing – ideology is at the proper level. Enthusiasm and faith in a bright future are the basis of everything".

A part of retired people have nostalgia for the USSR. Recently I heard a dialogue of an elderly woman and a man in a medical institution:

- Yet again, pay for everything! After all, healthcare should be free-of-charge for pensioners. As it was in the Soviet Union, and is now in Russia.

- Yes, but the budget of the young Republic is small. We have to pay, so that we will help the new state at least a little bit. Mines and factories do not work, due to what the budget will be filled? We must help, we will pay, albeit a small pension.

- Hmm... Why should this budget be filled at my expense?! I disagree. We must go complain to Zakharchenko. He must see to it that everything is free of charge for the pensioners in hospitals.

- Why Zakharchenko? It is better to go to Putin straight away!

After that, I remembered a joke:

The peasants from the Volga province came to Lenin and said:

- Comrade Lenin! We are starving... Collectivization, industrialization... There is no food! Soon we will munch grass and moo like cows...

Lenin replied:

- Do not believe it, comrades! These are only bourgeois prejudices! I have eaten a barrel of honey for breakfast and I do not buzz like bees...

That would be funny, if it were not so sad. I hope we will survive... But for how long? The question is rhetorical, it should not be asked... God willing.

Hanna Vitovska, Makiivka, for OstroV