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If a person speaks, (s)he necessarily blurts out not only what (s)he wants to say, but also what is really there. Therefore, in order to understand what was recently happening in the occupied territories of Donbass, it is enough to listen carefully, to observe and compare with what had been said and done before.

For example, amid declarations about improving the economic situation and optimism about the so-called "nationalization", the "Council of Ministers of the DPR" for some reason adopts a resolution "On approving a list of goods that are not allowed for paying salaries in kind"... That is, it prepares a legal framework for the payment of wages in the form of goods and services.

This suggests that, indeed, the economic situation is apparently "getting better", if they already pay salaries in kind.

Against the same background, a propaganda campaign was launched in the neighboring "LPR" to raise the minimum wage in the republic. Right on to 6 percent!

E. Manuilov, "the Finance minister of the LPR": In accordance with the decree of March 29 on approval of the budget estimates for the second quarter, from April 1, a minimum wage of USD 52 was established. Which is an increase of 6.5% compared to the previous minimum wage.

Six percent is, of course, serious money! But the decree that introduces this testimony of the victory of communism on a separate occupied territory is called "the approval of the budget estimates for the second quarter". That is, the so-called "LPR" still has no state budget. There is simply a budget, which is compiled for each quarter. And in the next quarter, this increase of the minimum wage can be easily removed. Although it is unlikely that these news will be in the media. Well, for those who reads this in the occupied territory: nowadays, the minimum wage in Ukraine is USD 118, that is, more than twice as much.

Apparently, understanding that the "nationalization" has not gone so smoothly, and the bright future is again postponed for an indefinite period, Donetsk and Luhansk began to look for the guilty once again. They actively talk about the Ukrainian blockade, although a month ago Zakharchenko declared that the "DPR" was blocking Ukraine, and not vice versa.

A. Zakharchenko, the leader of the "DPR": Now the situation is changing radically and Ukraine is under the DPR-LPR blockade.

Back in early March, militant leaders insisted that most of the issues with the change of consumers and suppliers of raw materials had already been resolved.

D. Pushilin, the head of the "People's Council of the DPR": And now the issue of the supply of raw materials and the sale of products is solved in fact. But technically it needs time - to build up the logistics and documentary framework. It is no secret that the country that recognized us - South Ossetia - all the processes go through it. In order not to violate the norms of international law. It was important for the OSCE CMM and representatives of European countries in Minsk, that we do not violate the right of private property. Well, we do not violate it. The owners did not change. For us, it was a forced measure to introduce temporary state administration... In general, people joke in Donetsk, that South Ossetian anthracite and metal will soon be in demand on world markets.

Last week, the leader of the “DPR” Alexander Zakharchenko issued a decree that "nationalized" enterprises are given over to the closed joint-stock company Vneshtorgservis, which, according to the founder of the Vostok battalion Alexander Khodakovsky, is really closely connected with the unrecognized South Ossetia. But the "people's republics" do not tell who really will own the seized factories and mines. And this makes it possible to conclude that "nationalized" enterprises will work not for the "people of Donbass", about whom the terrorist carry so much, but on their individual representatives. Moreover, it turns out that the "nationalization" in the economic system of pseudo-republics does not change anything for the people.

R. Sorokovenko, "the Minister of Agriculture of the "LPR": Whatever one may say, we are not only under sanctions, but we are also an unrecognized republic. And the goods that we produce here, they must be certified and produced in accordance with some all-Union State Standards. We are now working on this. This situation prevents us from entering even the Russian market. In order to export products to Russia you must have a certificate of an international standard.

And those talks about the fact that Russia will become the main consumer of goods produced in the occupied territories of Donbass, they are just plans. Because, in order to sell something, you must produce something competitive at first.

R. Sorokovenko: What can we offer Russia? Let us first produce it, build processing complexes. And then we will talk about what we can offers the Russian market. Nowadays, we are uncompetitive bot in price and in volume.

In fact, it turns out that the task of entering the Russian market has not yet been set. The “LPR” authorities are more concerned with displacing Russian and Belarusian goods from their territory.

Journalist: Much is said about the fact that Russia is ready to sell its products on our territory. And what can we offer to the brotherly people?

R. Sorokovenko: To minimize the absolute figures of the imported goods from the Russian Federation and Belarus to the territory of the republic through the launching of domestic production. This is the first task that we must implement.

There is not much hope for real investment. Even from Russia.

R. Sorokovenko: Our main task is to create an optimal investment climate in the LPR. I am not talking about positive one, at least zero will do. Since it is negative at the moment. If we can do this, then those Russian investors who want to come to our territory, will open enterprises here. But they are afraid of possible risks at the moment, which are connected not only with armed hostilities, but also with sanctions, with the non-recognition of our republic and with our unfinished process on the legislative basis… People are still afraid for now. They are afraid of shooting, and our task is to change their mind.

An interesting remark about private investments was made by the former "minister" of state security of the "DPR" Alexander Khodakovsky:

We should not only secure against "Grads", but also to create such conditions and an investment climate, when some comrade in camouflage with a machine gun and a dozen of his companions would not come tomorrow and say: "This is mine. I want". There must be simple, understandable and harsh laws of existence in this state, which we do not have. Now the right of private property for today – it is not guaranteed.

Now, after the so-called "nationalization", it is all the more impossible to talk about the right of private property in the occupied territories. So, the unrecognized territories with military emergency can hardly count on private investments.

Statements about the crowds of foreign investors, which are told by the leaders of the "LPR-DPR" are especially ridiculous in this regard. As investors are vividly shown how their property can turn into a subject of political blackmail by the pro-Russian separatists of their governments. What is actually happens now in Minsk.

D. Pushilin: We consider those claims that are expressed to us concerning the temporary administrations at the enterprises under Ukrainian jurisdiction unreasonable. This is a least-evil solution for us. We could, perhaps, just proceed to some abstract discussions about the return or non-return only when Minsk-2 will be fully implemented, only when there will be a complete political settlement. So then we can begin to discuss this issue. Even the beginning of the discussion is considered inappropriate and irrelevant up to this point. We do not embark with Ukraine on this issue.

It is interesting in general: on the one hand the "LPR-DPR" accuse Ukraine of the blockade, announce a program of assistance to compatriots, that is, residents of the part of Donbass controlled by Ukraine, allegedly suffering from this blockade, and on the other - they repeat everything in what they blame Kyiv.

A. Zakharchenko: The next question is from Mariupol, from Olga. Why do not you block the supply of raw materials to Mariupol? This unfortunate city is considered a milch cow and is not left alone while plants work in Mariupol and bring profit to Ukraine. It is possible to reason three more years, that our people live in Mariupol, that they will find themselves without work… Not a single car, with anything, goes to the territory of Ukraine from the first of month from the territory of the DPR. All the raw materials that Mariupol receives now, it receives from the internal reserves of Ukraine and definitely not from us… We will not sell any coal, metal, limestone, or anything that is necessary for the work of metallurgical enterprises.

And at the same time, they are surprised why people perceive Ukraine. Despite all the propaganda and terror in which adherents of the "republics" openly admit.

A. Soroka, the "We will not forget, we will not forgive" project manager, "LPR": It surprises me that, seeing all this, people perceive Ukraine. They do not understand why we really fighting here and for what we are fighting here. This is most surprising. I was surprised with the concept of Nazism at this program, that you can just kill someone for the fact that he has a different color of skin, that he is of a different race, - that was surprising. Here is the same. There are people who perceive and think that it is all right – to kill just for some political reasons. But this is politics! Is it really worth spilling at least one drop of blood…

And now let us compare. The same Soroka was ready to kill for hours and hours for the sake of politics six months earlier.

A. Soroka: We are talking once again about the need to work with people, the need to strengthen the work of law enforcement agencies with such people. So that people begin to understand where they are and for whose welfare they now live here. I want to address those people who really wait for the Ukrainian army here. Either Ukraine will be destroyed or the Donbas will fight for a very long time.

But the worst thing is that they involve children in this "very long" war in the occupied territories. And this really does not give hope for a fast peace.

The plot of the DPR news program:

Teacher: "Lessons of citizenship of the Donbass" were held in our school today. This course is held in our republic for the second year. This course is aimed at educating a patriot, defender of the Donetsk land.

Pupil declaims a verse about the "torn to pieces" Donbass and the "oath to revenge the enemy for the republic till the dying day".

DPR official: Attention which was previously given to patriotic education is incomparable with the one we are working on now. This is a huge work which is organized at the republican level. And here it goes, and I think that it will produce its great results – 2.49

Moreover, children are trained for the "very long" war from the early age. Ukrainian children are hate-filled to their Motherland while Poroshenko talks about the lack of options of Minsk.

The plot of the DPR news program:

Director of the kindergarten: Classes on patriotism and citizenship take place in all groups at its level. If it is kids, we are talking about the family, if it is older children – they know the head of state, the symbols and famous people of the Donbass. We sing songs, play role-playing games, make flag out of hands, out of everything… Citizenship lessons which are initiated by the Ministry of Education with the support of the Ministry of Information of the DPR play a major role in the formation of a patriot hero, a patriot of his motherland.

These are the trends that have appeared in the occupied territory of Donbass in recent times. People quickly adapt to the surrounding reality. This is a condition of survival, they cannot be condemned for it. But it is important that they do not lose the opportunity to evaluate this reality objectively! And we are obliged to help them with this. Otherwise, the bad will last "very long"! Common sense to us!

OstroV, Public Radio of Donbass